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  1. I've built a world class team, currently using Venom&Faith 442 Still get randomly battered in games like this despite putting up good numbers
  2. Thanks, are they all 20.4.1 tactics though? The tab says 20.4.0 and 20.3 so I wasn't sure whether to touch them Unrelated question, but should I leave touchline instructions and OIs to my assistant manager? I currently have them set to myself but never do any
  3. Is the best tactics page of the sheet completely blank for anyone else? Where do I go for 20.4.1 tactics?
  4. 4132 Can't remember exactly which, I think WULF 4132 Positive P105 EC
  5. Wtf first game using this I got 7 yellows and 2 red cards...
  6. What's the best 2 striker tactic for an Elite team on 20.4.1?
  7. What's the best tactic for an Elite team on the latest 20.4.1?
  8. I never post here usually, but I had to share this ridiculous season from Mbappe, using SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL 4132 64 appearances, 83 goals, 11 assists. 51 goals in the Premier League alone We kept 21 clean sheets 9 out of 11 team of the season players were mine
  9. Hey Knap, which tactic is working best so far for you since the update?
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