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  1. Liverpool are pretty underrated in FM by any objective measure - but they're top after a tough draw now and last season were 8th and it's last season's performances that impact the data. This season's performances would have boosts all around the squad - but it's probably too soon for that.
  2. The normal limit for 32-bit processes is 2Gb, but they *can* use up to 4Gb (3Gb on 32-bit Windows) if they are large address space aware though. I've never noticed FM using up much RAM, but I wouldn't mind it being a bit hungrier for RAM to improve performance.
  3. 64-bit will use more RAM not less. However, you are correct that (in theory) it'll be faster and can use more than 4Gb of RAM (if you have that available, which most probably do these days).
  4. From this comment, I was expecting the site to look a lot worse. Looks fine, IMO. Not brilliant, but pretty far from the worst I've seen :).
  5. Hey other forum-goers. Just curious as to where I can find the details of FM17's new features? Tried looking around but couldn't find anything at all. I remember the announcement was pretty light-on for information, but am assuming we have something by now? In the meantime, whilst I wait for FM17 to come out, does anybody have a good transfer update for FM16 that they could suggest? Thanks
  6. I've won the World Cup with Australia and Ireland, but have mostly managed England and Belgium in recent versions
  7. Whilst I doubt Leicester won the title in many (any?) FM games - they are *far* from terrible in FM. I've got six saves started in the beta and with patch 1, Leicester didn't get relegated in any of them and finished top half in 4 of them (11 and 12 the other two). The highest finish I've seen in my saves is I think 5th, and the highest in my older saves in season 1 is 7th. Leicester winning the title is absolutely *bonkers* if it happened in FM, people would've complained that it was unrealistic . EDIT: Checking through all my saves now, so far the lowest finish for Leicester is 17th and I haven't found them higher than 7th, but still plenty of saves to check .
  8. I have basically two modes of play: Play as my actual self and start at the very bottom, in which case I feel *zero* loyalty, my aim is always to get a job with Liverpool and make them the best side in world football. The other way I play is to just pick Liverpool from the start and play them until I get bored (usually once everybody in the game is a regen I begin to lose interest, though not always).
  9. I got him to start scoring by selling him to Arsenal for 30 million in Season 2 .
  10. So I'm in my third season and I've been quite successful, I've won every trophy of note at least once (the league twice) and am so far undefeated against my rivals. However...My team is really bad at scoring goals. I have pretty good strikers - those being Paulo Dybala, Alexis Sanchez, Daniel Sturridge and Gabriel Barbosa. However, although I've massaged my primary tactic (a 4-1-2-2-1 possession-oriented approach with lots of pressing) into creating a lot of decent chances, invariably the opposition goal keeper makes a butt-load of saves in each and every match. Like stupidly many. I think Tim Krul holds the record in the Premier League with ~15 saves? For keepers facing my side, that's a typical outing. There 10+ saves in about 65% of our matches. Over two and a bit seasons we are averaging less than 1.7 goals per game scored despite averaging over 60% possession and normally managing over 20 shots per game. The first half of the first season we scored more goals per game, but halfway point of the season and 16.2 patch arrived at about the same time, so I'm not sure if it was opposition tactical adjustment or the patch that nerfed me . Here's a typical game, vs Swansea (solid but unspectacular mid-table side). It finished 2-0 to us, there were 7 CCCs (5 of which were absolute sitters and two of which Sturridge should have squared for an easy tap-in) and 18(!) saves. This isn't an out of the ordinary occurrence, either, this is just the last game we played - I could pick any of the last six and the only difference is that we didn't score more than a single goal in any of those. Now, third season in, I know my squad is absolute world-class (we did win the Champions League last season and added Pogba this transfer window) so I want to work on improving my tactic. At the start of last season I took a few tips from Cleon's possession thread (though my tactic was already pretty close to his suggested starting point, I did remove the attack duties on my wide players and got rid of my high D-Line) and we definitely started to get more shots on targets. This season, I'm trying to address the issue of not being able to beat opposition goalies . So my first port of call was to look at the shot analysis screen: My problem was I don't really know what that screen is telling me. For example, what the hell is that white box? Shots on that screen don't appear to line up with what I see here (only saved shots shown): So what I'm basically asking is, *how* do I figure out what's wrong with our shooting to hit the goalkeeper so frickin' often? I've never really had this problem before in FM. Last year's game was the first one I really struggled to get the results that I wanted - and even then I was able to score 3+ goals per game and defend decently, it's just that the football we played wasn't attractive. This time I've gone through my usual processes, gotten my shots on target ratio high, am producing nice football, controlling games and making lots of chances. My side just can't beat the goalie and I'm not exactly sure why. EDIT: Here's the two goals we actually did score: [video=youtube;9B0tMyWqn3k]
  11. Anybody found someone to sell Benteke to? I've tried for half the season to fit him into my team, but every time he plays he's absolute pants. My striker is normally setup as a False 9 and Benteke *sucks* at it. Firmino is my main man, flanked by Coutinho AML (AP-S) and Sturridge AMR (IF-A). I've also got Ings who is a solid option and Barbosa. Struridge can obviously play up forward also and Barbosa and Ibe are both good at the IF role. Been decimated by injuries in central midfield, but am still undefeated (20 games into season 1, save #2, save #1 I abandoned once I'd learned about the match engine). Just got Casemiro in to help with that (Jan window, used the leftover funds from selling Lallana) currently have Allen, Tielemans and Can injured. Henderson just back from injury (played one game), Lucas currently banned (red card for murder 1). So far happy with the season. My highlight of the season is the recent away win vs Arsenal (whom are I think 2nd). Lucas sent off after 20 mins with the scores at 0-0. Won the game 1-0 thanks to a Danny Ings goal in the second half. Have been keeping it tidy at the back, have conceded 4 goals so far, 2 of them to City in a 2-2 draw and the others in 4-1 and 3-1 wins.
  12. Wowzers, no central midfield is pretty ballsy. If it were me and you like that forward set-up, I would switch to a 4-4-1-1. Have a DLP-D and maybe a RPM behind your AP? It would be different, but give you more opportunity to control the game. I don't like my goalkeeper being shot at too much. Admittedly it's because my goalie is Mignolet, but still. Actually, maybe have a DF ahead of your SS instead? EDIT: brain fade repair .
  13. Just started my first full season. Haven't signed anybody for the first team - got a few deals agreed, but couldn't convince the players to join . Instead signed some highly-rated under-18s from around the globe - most of them for <3m, but with options taking the max much higher. So I've spent no money, but those clauses still come out of my budget, meaning I've used it all up. However, got my tactics working nicely. Conceded one goal so far - including pre-season (played about a dozen matches), scored ~30. Beat Man U first game of the season 1-0 - they had a load of shots, all from behind my wall of players. On top without conceding a competitive goal makes me happy . I'm predominantly playing a 4-1-2-2-1 with this setup as my go-to.Benteke and Firmino are both out for a month, this is the line-up for the match I'm playing right now. 2-0 at half-time vs Villa at Anfield, 7(!) CCCs, Milner and Ings with the goals: D: Clyne (FB-S) Skrtel (CD-C) Sakho (CD-D) Moreno (DL-A) DM: Lucas (A-D) - I want to change Lucas' role I think, but for now this is the one that works CM: Coutinho (RPM-S) Can (DLP-S) AML: Lallana (AP-S) AMR: Milner (IF-A) FW: Ings (CF-S) Ideally I'd have Coutinho in Lallana's position, Can in Coutinho's, Henderson in Can's. Also Firmino as my CF or IF would be ideal.
  14. It's the same match engine, but as you lose the ability to give team-talks (a match and season-saving feature for me ), I imagine tactics are even more important.
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