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  1. It took me a while to get an offer but I eventually landed the job at Real Kings in South Africa. Living in South Africa and having decent knowledge of Southern African football, I knew where to look and picked up some gems to quickly bolster my squad. By the fourth season, we had become so strong that we comfortably won every competition that we contested in. I also managed to pick up the Algeria job after they had a poor World Cup campaign and capped of an incredible year by winning the Africa Cup of Nations. After achieving such success and accomplishing the first part of the challenge, I said goodbye to Real Kings and accepted an offer to Hebei China Fortune. I never spent more than 30k on a player at Real Kings and now I had over 100m to spend on players. It was unreal. I managed to secure a third place finish in my first season at the club. It was now time to put my personal stamp on the club. The funds allowed for a revamp of the squad so I signed 17 players, including Lionel Messi (37), Toni Kroos (34), and Rodrigo (33)! Rodrigo was not doing it for me so midway through the season, I had to find a better player so I sold him for 5m and signed Sergio Aguero (36) in his place. We are currently top of the CSL and things are looking good. Messi, Kroos, and Aguero are unreal! I might not be at the club for long at this rate but I am enjoying every second of it.
  2. Indeed, he is small but he's grown over the last three years to around 1.68m/5'6". He is listed as being around this height in both FIFA and PES. Juan Mata is 1.71m and I've attached a picture of them standing together. The difference appears to be closer to 5cm than 15cm.
  3. Not sure if it's already been brought up but Angel Gomes is a lot smaller than he is IRL. According to transfermarkt, Angel Gomes is 1.68m https://www.transfermarkt.co.za/angel-gomes/profil/spieler/392770 On FM, he's around 1.60m.
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