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  1. Starting this topic because I can't believe how Cuisance is performing in my bayern lineup. It is so ironic. I kinda wish he would perform worse so I could change something instead of playing him more now, but he is really one of the best players in my team. And FM just values him at 35M. The most stand out thing is, he is getting these ratings without scoring or assisting a lot overall! EDIT: Also Cuisance has never once complained about playing time or anything really. He might be my favorite player in FM now lol anonymous photo sharing
  2. For me, Lewandowski has missed his last 3 penalties, are pens supposed to be low conversation rate this year. To me it looks like players shoot not directly into the corners, mostly just in the half space
  3. Long balls are just ridiculous in this FM. Every game my team launches literal missiles perfectly to wingers and strikers, often they are then free on goal. Every player launches a missile, sometimes a CB, sometimes the CM's, doesnt matter but every time the ball lands perfect on the receiving players feet. It is like you are controlling the flight path of the ball. It is also not because I am exploiting something, it happens with every formation I have tried
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