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  1. Hi @lucas, I tried to play the game in low quality (which, suddenly, was the quality the game recommended me some months ago). Although the crash frequency decreses, It is still very high. What I mean: there is a little chance I can finish one match, if not crashes when I try to make a substitution.
  2. Hi, I can't play in my Dell 5570, although It has a Core i7 processor and an AMD Radeon 530 with 4 GB capacity graphics card. I tried to uninstall and reinstall drivers but the problem persists. Simply, an error messsage appears during 3d match simulation and comes bac to Windows. The problem appears a couple of months ago, while I was playing FM 19, which, at first, I was able to play without any problem during months. I attach the DxDiag file, as well as Crash Dumps files provided by the game. DxDiag.txt crash dumps.rar
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