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  1. Won the league first season with 97 points, absolutely stomped home, was set to go unbeaten but played a second string the last 5-6 games so everyone was 100% for the champions league final, which I beat juve 4-2 signed dolberg (who ended up being top scorer despite not becoming a regular until Christmas time) and jao felix the first season. Savic and Ajer the second, and also using Harry Wilson a lot who’s back from derby. He’s getting a shed load of assists from set pieces. Playing a 424 against the lesser teams, with firmino and dolberg up top, mane as IFs and salah
  2. Second season done and dusted, I’ve made it back to back league titles, united ran me right to the second to last game again. Won the league cup, lost on penalties to arsenal in the fa cup final and demoslished spurs 4-1 in the champions league final, with one of their own Harry Kane bagging a brace against them Kane got 44 goals for me in all comps, 31 in the league which got him the golden boot, firmino and Cutrone both chipped in win over 20 goals a piece in all competitions too. Coutinho, Mane and Salah also got 10+ each, although mane is starting to get niggly injuries keeping
  3. Started the second season how I finished the first. Beat united (who sent a fortune) 1-0 in the charity shield, won first 5 games in the prem, and smashed Porto 4-0 in the champs league. Kane has 6 so far.
  4. Control, pass into space, fairly narrow (switch to wide depending on how the games going/if I’m playing a team with good wingers) and mixed passing.
  5. You did well to get Dolberg for 20mil. That was my opening offer and they wanted 30. Offered 30 and they wanted 40, it went on like this until up to the point they wanted 90mil and I got bored of bidding. (I was never paying more than 40 just wanted to see what they’d accept)
  6. Yeah sturridge was sound for me, got 18 goals, firmino got 27, but they both did miss loads of chances, and why wouldn’t I sign Harry kane when I’ve got the money to spend and nowhere that needs strengthening. Other strikers, I signed Patrick Cutrone start of the first season and he’s developing nicely, mainly played a bit part off the bench as my third striker and still ended up with 13 goals.
  7. League and fa cup double first season. Signed donnaruma and sold mignolet despite him being brilliant, looking more to the future. Got goretzka in a free, keita obviously coming in too. Sold wijnaldum and Milner. Then up top I signed Harry kane for 80mil+sturridge. A lot of money I know, but I had a load spare and I got fed up of sturridge getting injured if he played more than two games in a row.
  8. Sturridge or firmino advanced forward for me. Firmino has 28 goals sturridge 19, cutrone my other striker has 13.
  9. Been working a treat, cheers. unfortunately a bad tackle in the champions league quarter final v atletico has just broke manes leg! Currently top, 3 points clear of united and them up next , hopefully losing mane won’t derail the title charge.
  10. 19 games in, top and 4 points clear of united. As said above all you need is a simple 4231. Still struggling to get anything out of coutinho Salah and mane though, but not going to complain too much whilst I’m top. Managed to unsettle Leon Gotetzka and Alexis Sanchez with silly bids so could get them on a free end of the season, although I am kinda wanting to sign nothing but younger players, and Sanchez will be 29.
  11. Have played a 4231 with the inside forwards but they just didn’t seem to get into the game, will have another look at it later and try changing a few things. Brought Cutrone in mainly for the future, did try for Dolberg but Ajax were having a laugh with what they wanted, upping their asking price by 10mil every time I bid lol. McKennie looks good dude, not gona lie I didn’t even know about him, Arthur set me back 18mil(I think) He’s another Ive brought in mainly for the future, but to also add depth in the middle, but my AM reckons he should be playing every game so we’ll see
  12. What formation/tactics you guys using? I’m 5 games in and currently won 4 lost 1 to Chelsea, who anhilated me, mainly due to every single one of my full backs, as well as mane, can and the ox getting injured on international break. Struggling to get anything to work other than a 343, which is obviously no good for mane, Salah and coutinho (could try re-training them I suppose) Bough De Ligt, Arthur and Patrick Cutrone. Sold markovic and ings. As said above, TAA and Woodburn are excellent.
  13. I thought they might have a clause, just didn't expect it to be so low.
  14. Finished second in my first season at Liverpool, had the best defensive record and Mignolet was team of the year. Beat Valencia on penalties in a he Europa league final, but disappointed in the cups being knocked out by lower league sides. Sold lallana for 38mil to arsenal (lol) and also sold other fodder such as lovren, toure etc. signed Tielemans, Luan and Sven bender. End of the first season I found it extremely difficult to sign anyone, Juve rejected 35 mil for Morata but accepted 21 mil from Madrid, I then offered 30mil for him and locked the negotiations and they accepted which was od
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