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  1. Attempt 2 This Year Trying in Germany as realised England takes a long time to complete. So here is the team I picked VfB Oldenburg. My Profile The Facilities
  2. Going to give this challenge a try again after giving up last year
  3. Gainsborough Trinity Season 2021/22 So I survived the 2nd season, overall I ended up slightly worse then first season finishing 17th. I did get further in the FA Tourney though making the 3rd round this year. Brodie Litchfield took both the Best Average Rating and Most Goals at 7.10 and 20, Nathan Hotte get the most Assists at 9 but retired after the season ended. Youth Intake was decent with most being able to at least cover for their best position With Felix Rodney 02a being rated the best I finished studying for Continental B just as season e
  4. IIRC DNA usually means Determination, Work Rate, Natural Fitness, Stamina and i think Teamwork.
  5. Gainsborough Trinity Mid-Season 21/22 Been busy but finally got some time to play and made it to youth intake preview of 2nd season. I am now further than Rushall save, and doing reasonably decent this season. On the whole though this season has been a lot harder, only 9 points separate 4th from 21st. Ended shifting over to a Gegenpress style since it just fit my players more than the Control Possession. Now to finish the season
  6. Gainsborough Trinity Season 2020/21 Overall a pretty good first season, i was never near relegation, and was often slipping in or out of playoffs. In fact I did so well that I won Manager of the Season Ended the season at 11th, Ashley Worsfold & Curtis Morrison were joint top scorer with 9 each (both played as inverted wingers), top assists was Tom Davie one of my wingbacks with 7, and highest rated was Harry Middleton at 6.90 who played the creative role in midfield. Harry is my current highest rated player Transfers My ended up doing bac
  7. Gainsborough Trinity So at mid point of first season and got my youth preview Not great but certainly not bad either, but fullback cover will be nice. I've stopped believing golden generation line. Competition wise I've not done too bad, met or gone beyond everything asked of me Players have all helped out with most having periods of great play to cover the periods when other players were in bad form Now to finish off this season.
  8. In season 1 i also started well, fumbled a bit around Christmas season due to progressing pretty far in FA Tourney, then came back in last few weeks one got youth intake and could actually rest players (I had 2 GK and 9 outfield so played greyed out for a defender most of season and to cover any injuries). Season 2 i lost all way till near Christmas before getting sack so they are a hard team for sure :-)
  9. I really enjoyed my Rushall save, even with the sacking in 2nd season, so will be watching with interest :-)
  10. Gainsborough Trinity So I just wasn't able to get into the Warrington Town save, decided to start a new one. Ended up getting Gainsborough on my first attempt to find a club, this a club that is very close to where I grew up so I knew i had to take them to the top. Their facilities Their new manager The squad My tactic Their are also 4 player from the previous years youth intake, 2 of which who have decent potential, but none that have much ability. Time for my third try to start.
  11. So on to try 2 This time i choose Warrington Town, i have a squad of 26 players, 7 of which seem to be from last years youth intake. Best formation I could find for team was a 4-3-3 Wide. Players overall seem stronger, as best players are all at good or decent level for this league, while with Rushall my best player was a leading regional.
  12. Well I got the sack after not gaining a point in season 2 in first 20 odd games, players were revolting as not enough competition for places, and generally everything falling apart :-/ O well on to try 2, and i'll not try a 11 player squad start again lol
  13. Well the 2nd half of the season was rough, after grinding out a lot of 0-0 or 1-0 games i started just losing 3-0 to everyone. Ended up going for 4-1-4-1 DM Wide (ie wide midfielders push up to attacking wide), and eventually my IWs were changed to IFs and that seemed to work. I still lost to the top sides (now 5 or 6 to 0), but i was back to grinding out 1-0 against lower sides. Became safe with 1 game to go, my youth prospects were okish, i just signed all of them straight away as i needed players and expect to use them as cover/subs from now on, though the better ones might get proper deve
  14. So mid-season update (no idea how you all play so fast lol) What i didn't notice in first post was that one of my defenders was retiring, so I've only had 11 players this season 2 of which are keepers. Stuck with the 4-1-4-1 formation though and basically tried to play keep-ball and grind out 1-0 wins or 0-0 draws. Its actually worked surprising well as you can see below. Currently 11th in Vanarama National North with a 11W 5D 10L record and -14 GD, basically if i concede my team just crumbles to a 3 or 4 goal loss. Goals and assists been spread though most of team. My one CB has just re
  15. So after getting back into Football Manager with 19, and messing about a bit with a youth focused play through, I've decided to give this a go. Trying it in England, ended up choosing Rushall who have a only 12 players, i can somewhat fit them all in to player a 4-1-4-1. Lets see how this goes :-)
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