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  1. I would take some screenshots of the laptop (it clearly says in the title and also in the description it's gaming) and take that up with Quidco. If they don't have a live chat option then drop them a tweet. I spoke with them on twitter before now and they are really helpful.
  2. This one posted a few replies earlier is cheaper than Currys - not saying its better but it should certainly run 3 nations and a large db pretty well. ebuyer Lenovo
  3. Quidco is a website with an account where money is paid into that after you visit sites through their links. You can withdraw this into your bank account or a as voucher usually with a small % increase in value. Im sure their website will have an about section that will explain it better. I don't think that laptop will be in the offer though - it isn't classed as a gaming one.
  4. Yep, according to the specs on the site. And its an SSD rather than a HDD so you get a small speed increase for loading things from the hard drive. But its easy enough to add storage space to laptops if that would be an issue - you can probably get a 1 or 2 Tb external drive with the money you save.
  5. The one from Argos is cheaper here and if you go through Quidco there is a 15% cashback on HP gaming laptops at the moment. HP Pavilion 15-bc550na 15.6" Intel® Core™ i5 GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop - 512 GB SSD
  6. It would be £560 I believe I worked it out as - but cant pay it off til January when the account is credited with the "discount". There is 15% cashback on the Currys one through Quidco though so that would be a bit cheaper in the end (although knowing Quidco theres a chance you dont necessarily get it) It would be used for pretty much FM, TellTale games, Planet Coaster (and maybe Zoo) plus a few older games and some officey stuff.
  7. Was hoping to hold out til Friday just in case a better one pops up, but the offer at Very finishes tomorrow and the Currys one is Black Friday proof. I had settled on the Gaming 15 laptop til the Quidco cashback appeared on the Pavilion. Very works out about £65 dearer after cashback, is the difference worth it? From my limited knowledge it just looks like a better graphics card? Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0010na HP Pavilion 15-bc550na
  8. Apoloiges, I understood that FreeDOS 2.0 the OS? The Ryzen 5 says quad core and there is 8Gb of RAM which should be enough to run it pretty well. I have based this on several of the other laptops being recommended having similar spec. Someone more qualified than me can confirm but thats my take, OS concerns aside.
  9. It has an operating system I am unfamiliar with. A quick google doesn't tell me if it supports FM (I wouldn't have thought so but someone may be able to tell me otherwise) so you would then be looking at another outlay and a good chunk of memory taken to install Windows on there to get it to run.
  10. I wouldn't have thought either of these would be any good I'm afraid. I would say the best bet for the Currys site is to use the Achieve category for laptops at the least and you will have a good idea of what will run well. Someone will be able to give better advice on individual systems than I can but I can't see 4Gb of RAM and then a celeron or old i3 being of much use.
  11. Cheers mate. In comparison to the Nitro though is it really a noticeable difference? I see the Nitro series get decent reviews in places and feel that if I can get a small drop in quality for a significant drop in price would that be worth doing. With the discount available the HP gaming one is most likely my pick but If I can drop £160 less and get a more than usable machine and drop some of the money on upgrades like RAM/hard drive instead, if that makes sense?
  12. So I missed out on my mates laptop, so I have been looking at these ones. Narrowed it down to 5. I have noted how much I will pay with discounts/offers too. I assume the HP gaming one is the best but is the price difference worth the performance difference over the others. I would be looking to play all divisions in England Spain, Italy, Germany and France on a medium database (large would be preferable but I can live with medium). The laptop would be used for FM, the odd spreadsheet/word processing and then a few other games - Planet Coaster, AoE 2 HD edition, some of Telltale games and maybe the Sims seeing as I got both Sims 3 and 4 for free but havent played them yet. I just want to make sure I get value for money on a good system. Acer Aspire £370 HP Pavillion £460 Acer Nitro 5 £400 HP Pavilion Gaming £560 Asus FX505DT-AL086T £503 Cheers guys. Wish I knew more about this kind of stuff.
  13. Hello. Ignore that its out of stock. A mate bought this a while back but has barely used it as he has a gaming PC. Is it any good for FM? Hes asking for £350 https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/-9s7-16jd21-068/version.asp
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