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  1. Enjoying this tactic, finding a lot of yellow and red cards - any way to reduce these?
  2. Hi Knap, I've read through a few of the last pages of this thread, I'm playing as a LL team (National League) on 19.3.6 - what would be the best tactics for my save?
  3. Hi - really want to try this one - but i am playing the full game not FMC, will it still work?
  4. I'm in my second season as Brighton in the Premier League - Is Lascelles a good signing? Forest asking £4m plus add ons
  5. Exactly the same in my Brighton save - away from home beaten Bolton 4-0, Wolves 3-1 and Wigan in League Cup 2-0. At home, cannot seem to score, let alone win. Lost 3 at home by 3 or more goals. Very Frustrating.
  6. will this tactic work for lower league teams like Brighton/ Southampton
  7. totally agree there markcox, before this tactic i was so close to sticking this game on ebay! So i tried it with Brighton, am now sitting in 3rd place!! cheers pointon.... you fm legend!
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