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  1. Heyo, I feel that the updated match engine introduced some new issues mainly for teams that rely heavily on a strong offense, including the shots from weird angles despite better options, strikers dwelling far too long on the ball despite highest tempo settings and just wrong offside calls. I think the massed penalties are already known but I can provide examples either way. I'll update this post with more PKMs from time to time. Edit: I'll probably stop now because it's just not fun watching your team of supposedly world class players behave like they have horseblinders on as soon as they cross over into the box. As you can see I win and dominate almost every match, so that's not the issue here. The issue is that the game is just not believable anymore. I'm pretty sure the flavor of the month with this match engine is just to park the bus completely because the game treats you like you only have one striker anyways. In addition to that the game plays soooo slow now, I don't even want to imagine how passes and accuracy look like in lower leagues because this already feels like a lower league. New v Liv Timings: 16:43 Memepenalty without a clear impact (he dribbled past him) 24:30 Salah shoots from an almost impossible angle with literally 5 other players in the final third he could pass to to retain possession 26:48 One of many impossible 1v1s 28:08 Mane just volleys into his defender who is almost touching noses with him 34:17 Player from Newcastle tries to shoot into the defender directly in front of him 34:19 General observation: direct/long passes are way slower than before which is seriously hampering teams that use them 60:59 offside of Salah, the lines are completely overlapping 66:16 graphical glitch, Milner overshoots on his corner and the ball slingshots after his leg 68:48 another wrong offside call 71:23 Mane tries to shoot his marking defender again 72:20- that's just not how extremely high tempo passing should look 77:45 Van Dijk decides that the ball is not his responsibility 82:50 Hoever decides to have a go at the goal of the season from just after the midfield 83:13 Mane ignores the through ball opportunity to Shakiri and the later cross to Mbappe 89:51 Shakiri with a nice dribbling but he ignores every passing option again 91:40 Mbappe ignores every passing option and gets tackled (extremely high tempo) Liv v Che Timings: 0:11 Mane fires his cross directly into Kante 01:33 Keita decides to shoot although much better options are available 29:00- multiple really really bad crosses, a new behaviour since the new update, feels like high balls never get past the defenders 34:28 another horrendous long ball from robertson, shouldn't these guys be the pinnacle of football? 34:38 Salah is marked by two defenders in a bad angle but decides to shoot anyway despite free space around Mbappe and Mane 52:15 Mbappe shoots from the byline 58:29 Memecross by Salah 71:06 Salah has a go from a weird angle despite Firmino in a better position to shoot and several players to retain possession 72:15 Mane with a nice dribbling but decides to ignore the completely open Salah 78:05 Henderson starts out in a good position but dwells on the ball for too long and shoots into the defender despite Mbappe and Firmino or even TAA being in better positions 78:13 Ox with the exact same issue despite Robertson starting and TAA being a better option than to shoot in the >4< players direclty in front of him Liv v Lei Timings: 09:08 Schmeichel just decides to leave Mane the ball who in turn misses the open net and the pass to Mbappe, yay two memes in one action 09:45 Mane ignores Mbappe again and gives a certain goal away 16:05 Van Dijk decides the strikers need him and dribbles all the way into the box but ignores open passing options as well. 20:10 Mane with an amazing dribbling again but he shoots from an impossible angle 25:00 The quota of 1 penalty per game has to be fulfilled 27:10 was that even a shot if it's a 1° Angle? 34:38 Mane tries to beat the geometry again 42:19 Mane again.... 94:35 yay another penalty Liv v Ars Timings: 04:58 Firmino shoots from a bad angle 14:25 Mane shoots again despite Firmino, Salah and possibly Mbappe being in a better position. This wouldn't be that big an issue if world class strikers could actually score these opportunities 29:42 horrible throw in by Arsenal, seems to happen after the patch pretty often 45:24 Shaqiri ignores the starting Mane, these kind of through balls happened before the update though 62:50 perfect cross but no one wants to handle it, that seems to happen with the new patch more often as well 63:10 Shaqiri ignores Mbappe... 70:49 Shaqiri ignores the completely open Firmino 83:50 Robertson tries to shoot the foot of his opponent 83:55 Van Dijk completely misjudges the high ball, possible connection to misjudging crosses? Nor v Liv Timings: 00:10 Norwich player misjudges ball again 08:00 Mane with a shot that merits a direct substitution, several passing options open again 12:20 Mane ignores the completely open Salah 15:00 bad angle shot of TAA 17:06 Firmino shoots the ball into the defender that's hugging him 19:00 Salah ignores both Mbappe and Mane 35:41 this thime it's Firmino fighting against basic geometry 39:57 Salah ignores both Mane and Robertson making a run for it and decides to shoot 41:39 Keita shoots into the man 43:17 Salah ignores Mbappe and Mane and gets tackled 55:15 Norwich with the 1° shot 63:22 just what are these shots? I feel like the ball was slowed down significantly 66:25 Pukki decides to try for a throw in instead of a goal 67:40 Keita ignores the through ball to Firmino 67:53 Mane just needs to tap it in but no he misses that one as well 72:38 Goalie manages to save 100% chances but taps that shot from Keita in himself 78:00 Robertson decides to leave his namesake alone and free to score 85:14 another weirdly slow shot by Mbappe Newcastle v Liverpool.pkm Liverpool v Chelsea.pkm Liverpool v Leicester.pkm Liverpool v Arsenal.pkm Norwich v Liverpool.pkm
  2. It's as close to the max as possible, I've played almost a complete season like this and won most of the games. I mean the new beta isn't like superbad, I just think it's a step in the wrong direction because defenders still make the same mistakes, attackers just score less of the exploited mistakes, which keeps the suspension going for longer in a game but isn't what I'd like to see. That is obviously purely subjective but I feel like that is the right place to write feedback down.
  3. I feel that the opt in beta is way worse tbh. It just feels like fm19 all over again with players being comically slow and always crossing/shooting even though a player is standing next to them. Then the fluidity of attacking that was a key feature of fm20 is just gone, as is the excitement of watching an attack. I think that this beta is just a bandaid fix of our issues but was handled by nerfing the capability of attacking players instead of buffing defenders. Issues of FM19 like headers finding an opponent more often than not are back again as well.
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