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  1. Why was the feature that you could view matches of other managers on the same day cut? I play with 2 friends in the same league and now the two not playing have to sit around doing nothing and passing the time until they can play. I understand that it's not possible in reality but I really want to see how my friends play! That takes a lot of the excitement and hype from multiplayer for me and I hope that this feature makes it back in time for the full release.
  2. It's as close to the max as possible, I've played almost a complete season like this and won most of the games. I mean the new beta isn't like superbad, I just think it's a step in the wrong direction because defenders still make the same mistakes, attackers just score less of the exploited mistakes, which keeps the suspension going for longer in a game but isn't what I'd like to see. That is obviously purely subjective but I feel like that is the right place to write feedback down.
  3. I feel that the opt in beta is way worse tbh. It just feels like fm19 all over again with players being comically slow and always crossing/shooting even though a player is standing next to them. Then the fluidity of attacking that was a key feature of fm20 is just gone, as is the excitement of watching an attack. I think that this beta is just a bandaid fix of our issues but was handled by nerfing the capability of attacking players instead of buffing defenders. Issues of FM19 like headers finding an opponent more often than not are back again as well.
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