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  1. Does anyone know how to solve the issue of Premier League Home kits like Arsenal and Liverpool that don't change when you add kits to the graphic folder. It changes in every other competition except the league. The same issues occurs in the full version game...but I can solve the issue there using the in-game editor. how can I solve this for Touch?
  2. i need a little help with the advance rules...i created a Jamaica league system, the second tier is four regional leagues that uses a four team playoff to decide who gets promoted. the teams the finish first in the four regional leagues goes to the playoffs, two from the playoffs get promoted to the Prem the other two back into the regional league. problem is i can't seem to get the teams that go to the playoffs to be recorded as title holders even though the table shows them as champions (see pic). any help in getting it right will be appreciated.
  3. was just showing why SI's official stance is not believable...FM Touch editor has been asked for more than enough for then to see it's something they should look into
  4. how much more resources does the in-game editor take up in relation to what the game already uses...most people not asking for pre-game editor which is a separate application...if when u purchase unlockables and other store items that doesn't depend on the device you have...so a full in- game editor should be no problem, what you buy in the in games store is already an editor.
  5. i think its coming soon why else would they keep teasing by making the button so visible in Touch
  6. garmac


    In Create-a-Club you should be able to select a different league for the created club instead of just replacing the base club...this could be a selectable option since it might not be evryone's cup of tea. I also notice in FM21, when you create a club, previous customs graphics for the base club don't work on the created club like in FM20...we know its not the real club but would still at least like my custom kits to still work.
  7. the amount of times this has been asked for, hopefully sometime soon...i would really love it....
  8. you could try loading last year's file into this year editor, save as a new file and verify..
  9. you also just fill in the player position, and CA and leave everything else blank...the game will fill those in based on the CA, position and age
  10. since the contract will expire at a date before the game start, it seems then @BedeviledEggsuggestion to set the players clubs to none maybe your solution
  11. Is anyone having trouble starting a challenge. I tried starting a challenge on my work pc but each time i only get the 'changing skin, loading image data for new skin' graphic. tried a couple thing like verifying games files, uninstall & reinstalling...all the same result.. i started a challenge on my home pc on launch day but haven't been able to try on it to see if its an issue with this pc but i have been trying on here for the last couple days
  12. In the editor, there is an option on the contract page of each player that says 'Will leave at the end of Contract', tick that checkbox and it won't renew
  13. seeing as there is Steam on Linux operating systems is there any plans to bring the game over to Linux users???
  14. that setting says that...it was already that way when i checked
  15. still getting an error that division is short a team
  16. ok thanks...was kinda running from it but i'll try that... got another question, in that 4 team playoff where 2 get promoted to the prem, only the 2 that get promoted are recorded as their respective lower division champions, how to get the losing 2 to be recorded as champion of their respective divisions
  17. i would appreciate some help with the file. Maybe someone can take a look and tell me why the second division becomes short of the required number of teams after the first season. the premier league is the only league with changes and it has verified ok...the structure is 2020-2021: premier league - 12 teams, no relegation 2nd div - 4 child comp with 12 teams, 2 teams promoted from a 4 team playoff...same as before 2021-2022 prem league - 14 team, no relegation 2nd div - 4 child comp should have 12 teams, 2 teams promoted from a 4 team playoff... 2022-2023 prem
  18. if a player breaks his leg in the game and and is available in real life, heal the injury with the editor. not looking to bring game events to life just life events to the game.
  19. Lot's of people play in different ways. When i am following along events, a player gets injured today, i cant replicate that in the game on a save already going so the player is still in-game affecting squad dynamics...if you choose not to play him for as long as real life players is out then he is likely to disrupt the squad, especially an influential player, or want to leave the club. It also could find use similar to the 'Dodgy Lasagna' in FM Touch, to weaken your opponents or affect teams close in points.
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