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    A tank?!?!?! Really?!?! For one Canadian?!?!
  1. Can't rest player.

    It's an issue with the game for sure but you can still rest your players by ctrl clicking on the selected players and right clicking and go into training to rest them. Not ideal but it's something at least.
  2. Can't rest player.

    Just tried to rest players with a new save I started and its crashed again
  3. Can't rest player.

    Happened to me too on a save started during 14.1.1 - ended up giving up with that game and starting a new one - haven't encountered the problem since.
  4. Having this problem with Spurs been in the 65k capacity Perryman Park for the last twenty years or so - It's full every week yet the board tell me they can't justify building a new stadium as we don't have the fanbase - that would be the same fanbase that sold out Wembley stadium every week when we played there for a season while the new stadium was built!
  5. I tried to loan mines out, no offers
  6. Marcelo Salas and Rodrigo Barrera both from Universidad de Chile, can't remember which version but I think it was CM2.
  7. Inter Milan are now a mid table Serie B team, 2022/2023 season. None of the big Premiership teams been relegated yet.
  8. End of November 2015 Neymar at Barcelona for 64m, I love playing with other peoples money Ganso still at Santos but wants to move to a bigger club.
  9. Hmm seem to have assembled a team of hatchet men here, 5 red cards in 15 games, anyone else seen anything like this?
  10. Just started a Malaga game tonight and bought random players just for the sake of it, was struggling to get going with regards to results and managed to string a few wins together (scrapping a few 1-0 wins mostly) then this: Happens! Counter attacking football at it's finest and quite possibly the first time in my FM history that I've managed to get a result like that using a counter attacking tactic, starting to get into this whole Málaga thing now!
  11. Got 8m for Kayal at the start of the second season from PSG.
  12. Gah bumped out of the Europa League Semi Final by an own goal in the 120th minute - gutted!
  13. Spending roughly 7m a month just now and bringing in only 5m a month, like others I think I'm going to have to sell off my best players in order to balance the books Maybe I'll take one of those German job offers, I seem to be linked to every club in Germany atm
  14. Just had Bangura demand first team football, I agree given the fact that Balotelli got a serious injury about 20 seconds before and he goes out and does this: Wish they'd all do that after I gave in!