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  1. I cant get Sburlea now, wish i had now, but in the end they wanted 700K + 45% sell-on, i pulled out, now hes moved clubs. Im into league one now, but really struggling to score, and conced a lot to. I have £3M transfer kitty and 15K under wage p/w (still have not spent any money - just been getting free transfers & player swaps/loans) anyone ever had Lee Trundle and/or Sam Parkin, as there both free agents, i need another ST, will either of these cut it in league one? thanks
  2. Knap - Thanks for the advice. i will check them players out With Mazzola - i offered £2K per week wage on Key member of team, He was not intrested as he said he did not want to play for me Hes now signed for cantntia. Also just been drawn away to Sheffield Utd in the 2nd round of the league cup. Sburlea i can get, but his club want £250K + 45% sell on, im trying to get it down to around £180K + 10% sell on. Also, has anyone ever had Andy Bishop ST who plays for Bury? if so is he any good, as im thinking of bidding 100K for him. Thanks
  3. Started an oxford save yesterday, auctully the first time ive finsihesd a season with a Blue sqaure prem team on FM 08. Anyway, I won the confernece by 22pts (well thanks to Ebanks-blake we did), Got to the 4th of the Fa cup which we lost 3-0 away to C.Palace, but did thrash luton 4-2 away in round 3 which the fans were very happy about. The FAT & SS were a dissaster tbh, i was on a 22 match unbeaten run, untill i lost to palace in the fa cup, after that i did not win a match in 9 games, which is where out went out of the FAT 2-1 to forset green, and the out of the SS 1-0 away to exeter, But other than that a pretty good season. At the min im top of League two after 5 games (5 wins) and just knocked swansea out of the league cup 1st rd 3-1 at home. Squad: GK: Adam Legzdins, Donovan Ricketts LB: Jonathan Grounds, Alex Jeannin CB: Mike Williamson, Ryan Cresswell CB: Darren Powell, Luke Foster RB: Stephen Darby*, James Vaughan, Matt Day CM: Owain Tudor Jones, Graham Kavanagh* CM: Mark Wilson, Jeff Whitley LM: Martin Watts, Hogan Ephraim* AM: M Bridge-wilkinson, Jonny Howson* RM: Danny Witaker, Marvin Williams ST: Ebanks-Blake*, Gary Mulligan, Akinfenwa Players with * next to them are loaned in. Im thinking i need a CM, and maybe a RB/LB, players like Salomonsson, Seyfo soley, Sabic etc - are not on my database, ive also read that people sign mazzola? but he wont sign for me. All of my transfers i have bought in are either player swaps or free transfers, so i have a transfer budget of £290K and 3K under my wage budget, so if anyone could recommend me some good players please. Also do you think Sburlea would come to league two if he has not moved clubs yet? Thanks
  4. Yep, I'd like that aswell. Just as an option. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Yes sorry, i meant to say just as an option, you can manage nations U21s etc, without managing full team, so i see no reason why it cant be put into the game for club teams. unless people dont like the idea of course.
  5. This may have be said before... But i would love to see the media bit improved, and when your team gets to a cup final - eg - champions league - i would like there to be more hype about it. Also i dont know if this could work, but rather than just starting as a lower league manager, i would like the chance to start out the manager of the U21s / resveres etc before i get the chance to be a full manager. Would be cool if that could happen in future FMs, but the media bit needs improving for sure in FM 09 imo.
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