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  1. Wait until all the Skylake processors get put into the Macbooks come Sept 9th (Apple Fall Product Unveiling). Don't go for the M. http://www.macrumors.com/roundup/skylake/
  2. Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    Any good Suarez-esque players that come to mind for us to buy with Suarez sale? Not having CL footy sure makes it hard to lure exciting talent though. I personally think Gamiero would be a shrewd buy.
  3. What a great career so far. That is football right there shooting you down. Hope you get to find a tycoon club soon though!
  4. you should step down from Arsenal, Become a Manager of a fifth tier team and then sign your son and start him!
  5. South Liverpool (Youth products only)

    Pretty big stadium for an amateur club!
  6. God. I love this game!

    I hope SI will continue to make this for the next century. This is the perfect thing to do when I retire in 45 years
  7. [RELEASE] OLT Expanded Hair Pack v2.0 - The Asia Edition!

    Bump, this is such a great contribution! Thanks for enriching my save!
  8. Modern Day Footballers are crying little babies. Just Praise and Suck Up to them =[
  9. Park Ji Sung

    I can only LAWL at the lecturing tone of this individual who then makes a very fundamental mistake of his nationality. Being of Asian descent myself, it is quite amusing.
  10. Please rag on steam some more. Steam is the most stable service from which FM can be distributed while ensuring no need for DRM protection like Stardock. Yeah, SI can come up with their own authentication service but it wont be as stable and have people complaining on end about authentication issues. Yeah certain people have issues with Steam but it generally is much more stable or else it would not have 1 million players logged in on average every day.
  11. [FM10/FM11] Metallic Logo Megapack

    You are god, you make my game complete as I cannot play with those generic logos especially for those lower tier that arent event playable but show up in FA Cups and such!
  12. Jenko Great Work! I want to say I been using them with some to great effect (other less so but that is just fine) I notice it tends to do the best for my promising youngsters that are hailed in game to become bad ass
  13. Any FM players with 4500MHD? What settings are you running on as well? @oranjeman I am looking at either HP TM2 or Lenovo X200t/X201t
  14. yeah no right click, good point........ maybe it can be programmed to be on the eraser tip of the stylus! RAM will be beastly at 4Gigs and most likely a Core 2 Duo or i3/i5
  15. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone plays FM on the tablet PCs. It seems to be the perfect option as you can tap all the options with your stylus and allows you to play it with certainly much more ease while on your lap. In addition, since almost all tablets have the Intel 4500MHD (Which could runs Half Life 2 and CS:Source fine) I would assume it would be able to handle the relatively babyload of the FM 3D demands right? can an owner attest? Thanks!