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  1. Would be cool to see this re-created based on his thesis and last nights game? Played really well
  2. Hi - I'm on a MAC and the game constantly crashes whenever I try to open it. I have tried every step recommended, such as, deleting preferences, cache, re-verifying game, removing all custom graphics and editor data. I've also uninstalled and re-installed the game and rebooted my PC multiple times but it still only gets to the SI logo before crashing. The game loads perfectly on Epic Games for some reason but I would like to use the editor. Don't understand why it won't load? Any help would be great, thanks.
  3. Would anyone be able to create a Roger Schmidt 442 tactic for me if possible? Like how he now plays at PSV https://breakingthelines.com/tactical-analysis/what-can-we-expect-from-roger-schmidts-psv-eindhoven/
  4. I'm on a mac, how do I find this/log a report? I deleted all graphics and it loaded but went to confirm the reload skin in preferences and the game crashed doing it and now won't start again
  5. I've done all of the recommended steps to get it to load (delete preferences, cache, validate game file, re-installed the game) and it still won't load up. I've removed all graphics and that sometimes work but sometimes doesn't. When it does re-load and I add the graphics and re-load the skin the game always crashes. Not once have I been able to re-load the skin when the games open without it crashing and normally when this happens the game will not re-open ever. Very occasionally it will after doing all of the recommended steps 10+ times. Please advise?
  6. Question, did you have the game since when it was out or did you download it somewhere? I want to get it on my mac now but unsure where to download as I have no disk drive either
  7. It's late but curious to see how you got on first season and who you signed etc? I'm from Carlisle and about to go them as a long term save too.
  8. Okay, will carry on playing the save and see if it eventually gets drawn. Thanks for the help! hopefully it fixes itself in future seasons
  9. Will I have to start a new save or will the one i've uploaded be playable?
  10. I've uploaded the file, the save file is called 'Rubro-Negro Flamengo Save'
  11. Waited over a month to start a Brazil Serie A save as my first one with Santos was unplayable due to the Copa Sudamericana 2nd rd never being drawn... Now I've begun one with Flamengo and the same issue is happening with the same competition with the date being endlessly pushed back... Was hoping this would be ironed out over a month in as was hoping to play over Xmas..
  12. Love this! Been wanting to emulate Gallardo for ages. I'm hoping to try emulate Sampaoli's Santos tactic at some point.
  13. Could anyone create a Jorge Sampaoli tactic for me? i know he uses a variety of tactics but any would be great! Loving his work at Santos this year
  14. Managers getting sacked for prioritising cups in Argentina (South America in general). Managers like Marcelo Gallardo consistently get sacked on every save for prioritising the Libertadores and finishing 4th in the league. This would never happen in real life as it’s common occurrence to prioritise cups in favour of sub par league performance for certain teams like Gallardo/River Plate
  15. Recently started a save as Santos and made it through to the second round of the copsudamericana but the second round was never drawn despite all the first round matches being paid and the second stage just continues to be pushed back without ever being drawn.
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