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  1. End of season 1... and ooh boy it was close. Nico serrano came on in the 81st minute inmy last game and scored to put us 2-1 up. A hero. I spent around 3/4 of the season with the 532, but it just wasnt working how I wanted it to and I had some big unjuries in centre midfield, including Benat for 4 months. This saw him absolutely collapse as an athlete. With these issues in mind, i changed things up a bit. I created a 442 with the same principals, which in attack acted as more as a 433.... i love it. Only issue is Villalibre isn't quite cutting it up top. I like to get Cordoba and Muniain
  2. Its working quite well so far I think, we are at-least really solid at the back. Also, we are such a threat from set pieces with three centre halves. Cant get williams scoring up top... but when Im chasing games I have put him at rwb (a) and he such a threat from out there. Good fun but need to get a bit more fluidity in attack. Also concerned, as @Ricotero_uy pointed out, that regens may not suit the 532 too much. Lets see!
  3. Hello, thought id give this a go but try something a bit different, as super bored of 4123/ 4231 in my other saves. What do people think of this?
  4. If i have a player with decent passing and vision (15+), but poor flair (5-9), will his ability to unlock a defence or play a splitting pass be effected? I am currently playing him as a dlp (d) in dm because Im worried he wont have a very big effect around the box. annoyingly, have two of these in my squad.
  5. also ignore the suspensions... just had a very feisty 0-0 away at old trafford
  6. gone back to basics this year, normally dislike a 4231 but really want this one to work. was wondering what peoples opinions were of this one. Really happy with results, but I struggle to see a pattern of play (although, I have minimised instructions for this save). What do you guys think? Genuinely curious, and not in a tactical crisis or anything.
  7. could try DLF (A) just so laca mixes it up with dropping to build up and darting in to the box?
  8. What dose the technique attribute actually impact? If you have a player with high technique but low ratings in other technicals (i.e. passing, finishing, first touch), or visa versa, what does this actually mean?
  9. I am not as unhappy as some here, match engine seems quite nice since updating from the beta for me (although i am managing in la liga so refs probably normal?). One thing i do find a bit annoying, and did on fm19 is how so many offsides are shown in comprehensive highlights. A lot of them, i don't consider to be a highlight at all. Also, find VAR checking a bit slow, watching the ref run over to the screen and back to the middle (i know this happens in real life though...).
  10. whilst I agree that on recent FMs number 10s/ AMCs seem really weak, is it not the case that no.10s are going out of "fashion" tactically at the moment and not performing as managers want ? look at mata, rodriguez, ozil, none of them, or similar players, seem to have the effect they did 5 years ago. maybe the ME reflects this? EDIT: first post too, hello!
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