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  1. I would really like to get something official from SI on this. Here are some more screens this time from Lacazette. According to the graph Lacazette has improved significantly in the last 4 months but again the stats all say no significant changes. Looking at his attribute changes over the last six months and they look like this Attributes have stayed the same over the last six months. So how exactly should i read and understand that progress screen? What is its purpose?
  2. Yea that disconnect between what the report is saying and the graph is representing has me lost. Help!!!
  3. so this graph is not charting his actual progress rather his progress relative to his squad mates? Therefore since his team got better in comparison to his team his progress (even though his stats did not change) declined?
  4. Can anyone help me out here. This progress screen is new and i am trying to understand it. I am looking at Bernd Leno over the last 8 months, it shows that his "progress" kept the same level for a while then there was a rise in "something" and then a decline below the starting line. However, he has not lost any attribute points and all his stats are the same as they were 8 months ago. More puzzling is that i was closely watching his training and progress and nothing changed at all. It is not that he raised in attributes and then dropped them. Nothing changed! What exactly does progress track and what does it mean?
  5. This is my first post on the forums but i am far from new to FM. I joined the FM train in 2013 with FM 2014 and i have got every edition since then I honestly was going to skip FM20 when i saw the "features" being released as nothing stood out to me and made me say yes i want it but out of pure loyalty i made an early purchase and started playing from the beta. Honestly i enjoyed the Beta more than the current release. I am not a tactician but i was able for the first time in the beta to see my tactics work and better understand how to create and successfully create a system. That got me eager to get going on my main save (with Arsenal) on release but the game changed and i needed to adapt again after release. Anyway i am now halfway through my first season with Arsenal and thought i'd share my sentiments so far. Too many Yellow Cards are awarded in game. My tactics are in no way aggressive. I have no one set to close down more, or tackle harder. None of my players have the PPM likes to dive into tackle yet after 18 games i have 18 yellow cards. Granted it could be worse (my 18 yellow cards still makes me the most disciplined team in the EPL) but this is my first experience over the many editions where i see so many cards awarded. I know the ratio of 1 card per game does not seem like plenty but just coming off on FM19 where i could finish an entire season with less than 18 Yellow Cards given to my team for the season makes this seem like a bit much. My tactics can really make or break my team I know it's almost always "your tactics" but this year i feel it is truer than previous editions. I was able to see my team struggle when there were not yet familiar with the tactics, then see them gel when familiarity increased. I can actually see how Team Instruction impacts the game on the pitch. And for the 1st time in my history with FM i am forced to adapt and tweak my tactics depending on who i am playing against (i hated it at first but its grown on me and adds to the realism). Not only that but PPMs... I have Pepe on my squad (only until the end of the season, i have no idea why Emery actually bought him) anywho Pepe has the run with ball down the right PPM trait but he is Left Footed and Natural on the right wing. In FM20 even though i play him on the right wing as an IF(s) or IW(s) there are many times where you would see his PPM "override" the Team and Player Instructions making PPMs a major part of your tactics. This year more than any other before the wrong player in the wrong role, system and tactic can be costly. It's not revolutionary but the small steps make it a good edition Yes in my opinion (and my games) there are too many Yellow Cards being issued, Yes i am nauseated at times with the amount of highlights i see where my Wingers, Inside Forwards and Inverted Wingers get into the box with an opportunity to make a low cross, square ball or pass to a teammate for an almost 100% clear cut goal scoring chance only to shoot it into the net and Yes i was hoping for a more revolutionary update to 2019 but inspite of all that, after playing my first half season i am happy with the game overall, cannot wait to beat my record hours of 3,178 (on FM16) and more importantly i am eager to take the gunners back to winning ways and incredible experiences over the next year with FM20.
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