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  1. Any idea how well this would handle 6-10 leagues across multiple nations on a large database with 2 graphics? Seems good for the price? Wondering whether the Ryzen 5 is as good as the Intel I5-8250U processor. https://ao.com/product/6bl30eaabubun-hp-laptop-silver-70265-251.aspx?WT.srch=1&WT.z_MT=drytinder&WT.z_RTM=PHG&WT.z_CN=304092&WT.z_AG=Forum&WT.z_AT=&WT.z_KW=drytinder
  2. Thanks guys. Will keep that in mind over the next few days with all of the Black Friday deals knocking about. Difficult to see what is a deal and what isn’t but that one does look very good @kevhamster. Cheers both!
  3. Hi Everyone. Posted a few weekends ago but have held off as we are getting closer to Black Friday so expecting some deals to be flying around. Just got a couple of questions... How much more important is single core performance. And whilst 8gb RAM would be ideal is it going to be a lot slower running on 4gb RAM? Currently looking at laptops with the following processors, trying to strike an all round balance. Also been reading about the screen type and have been told to avoid TN panel screens and opt for an IPS. Ideally looking for under £400. CPU CPU Mark Single Thread Rating I5-1035G1 9000 2405 I5-8265U 8018 2146 I3-1005G1 5929 2302 Ryzen 5 3500U 7854 1794 Would all of these be good enough to run FM20, large database, between 6-10 leagues loaded across 3/4 nations and with 2D gameplay? Thanks in advance for any info or suggestions for around that price. Everything with the I5-1035G1 seems to be closer to £500. @kevhamster @Smurf
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Do you think the first one would run quite smoothly? If I were to run 4/5 countries with top 2 leagues or all leagues in England? £265 just seems like a really good deal but obviously only if I can play the game. cheers. Matt
  5. Hi Everyone. Looking to get a laptop, mainly for FM20 but also to do a bit of light work as well. I would normally load either the top 2 leagues from 4/5 countries or all leagues from 2/3 countries. I would only use 2D graphics and would ideally like a large database but could cope with medium. Budget wise I am looking to do it as cheap as possible really as I’m not going to be spending hours on end playing each day. But I am happy to push the boat out a bit further if it means getting a much better machine. I do have access to 20% off laptops at Very.co.uk (including sale). After having a quick look I have come across these and wondered if the first one would run FM and my needs smoothly and if the second one would be worth the extra money. I am also more than happy to look at alternatives on Very or elsewhere if there is anything that stands out. Cheap option. Would cost around £265 after discount...would it run FM smoothly? https://www.very.co.uk/lenovo-ideapad-330snbspintel-core-i3-8130u-8gb-ram-128gb-ssd-14-inch-full-hd-laptop-grey/1600408613.prd Other option - is it worth the price difference? Would be £440 after discount. https://www.very.co.uk/asus-fx505dy-bq009t-amd-ryzen-5-8gb-ram-256gb-ssd-amd-rx560x-graphics-156-inch-full-hdnbspgaming-laptop-black/1600420476.prd Any help would be massively appreciated! Matt
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