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  1. Hi. I have a doubt about the scouts. I want to watch a Brazilian player who plays in Spain for example. To have a better success in the observation, would my scout have a good knowledge of the country of spain or brazil?
  2. Thanks for trying to help me. If i understood, i tried yet but it doesnt worked.
  3. I created a league of champions for clubs that won the 2nd division of their country and includes some others that won even lower divisions. Well, when I load the league in the game he brings 5 clubs of great reputation, like Bayern, Real M., Barcelona, Man City and Ajax every time. However, this competition is not for them, and I can't configure or find where I'm doing wrong so that this competition is only for winning clubs in the second division or lower. Can someone please help me? I'm sending a print and the league file that I created. Thanks. Liga dos Campeoes B.fmf
  4. After a game won by the EFL against Leicester, I will now face them again, but this time for the Premiership. The question in the interview I was asked was that after the first game I beat Leicester, if I thought I could beat them in the return game. However, there is no return game, it is another championship now.
  5. Na antevisão dos jogos que vem a seguir da UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE o nome dos países esta vindo mostrando somente a primeira letra
  6. Ola. Não sei se estou postando na área correta, se não estiver, me desculpem. Meus olheiros terminaram de observar Yeferson Soteldo e eu gostaria de estar fazendo uma comparação de seus atributos com os de Jesse Lingard, porém aparece tudo como "0" (zero). Obrigado
  7. Esta faltando a maior promessa do futebol alemão e mundial Youssoufa Moukoko do Borussia Dortumnd no banco de dados.
  8. Yes I play with a some of tham. The problem seems to desapear and its going fine now. I didnt made nothing. I cant understand whats happend. Thx.
  9. Ooohhh so sorry. Here is the right file. FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.07.31 22.55.44).dmp
  10. Since 07/30/20 the game has been crashing while watching the match. I usually watch the game in "extended" mode and usually around 60 minutes of the game the players are been static and the ball looks like a ping-pong game and in this moment if I click the mouse or wait a few seconds the error message appears and the game automatically closes. I'm usually just watching the game, I'm not clicking on anything, although it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. I usually play with all other app windows closed. I did several tests like video card quality as extremely low and still the game
  11. I been having this same problem mate. It started about 2-3 days now and i have too a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super with latest drivers installed. The gameplay crash when i'm watching the game for about 15 minutes or more......
  12. I'm playing with Altrincham Hale. It started in the 12th English division and my stadium has a capacity for 600 people. I ask: Today 4 seasons later I am in the 8 division and on a small budget. Will it be that when I reach a highest divisions like vanarama or higher that I will not be forced to make a new stadium or expand my current one? And how would my club do that on a tiny budget ????
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