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  1. How do I get the opposition instructions to stay on throughout the season? Im sure I could set them in FM19 and they would stay on. I have control of them not the Asst Man and yet I have to keep setting them each game. Any help please.
  2. I have logged well over 200 games in the beta with different teams and different tactics, instructions, etc How do I get my wingers/Inverted wingers/inside forwards (non seem to do it) to actually pass the ball across goal to open stricker rather than take shots all the time. My opponents can do it with get effect yet I cant. Tried all sorts of team and player instructions and getting nowhere. Any advice would be appreciated
  3. I think all these points are valid. Is EPL the "easiest" league yes and no. I have just finished my 2nd season with Newcastle, finished 6th which isnt bad, but Liverpool won league undefeated on 102 pts so that in itself is going to be a challenge to overcome. It all depends what your aims of a particular save are, climbing league ladder, domestic domination, European Glory or winning every trophy every season.
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