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  1. pretty mediocre in my game, but maybe got an upgrade on full release?
  2. yes, juve didnt manage ronaldos retirement well, tho they did manage to **** my season up If i didnt concede those two goals after the 85th minute, i wouldve ended with same points and goal difference as inter, and both games against inter were 0-0, what wouldve happened, anybody knows? These were the seasons before that, has been tough to win the league which is great, tho since i started it at the start of the beta i did get some transfers i shouldnt have gotten i think, got lucas paqueta and asensio on a free, sergio gomez for 8.75 of the transfer list, and sold my main striker merola for 60 million after the first season which allowed me to buy esposito who has been incredible. I think the league will be easier too when you play a team that can buy transfer targets on wages that otherwise mightve gone to another team in the league, i relied mainly on transfer list and free agents and didnt have many targets in common with inter or lazio so they strengthened their team in a way that they might not have been able to had i been after the same targets
  3. Wish inter dropped off a bit more in my game.. worst unbeaten season ever for me
  4. I always like managing in Italy, did some enjoyable saves in the last few years with fiorentina, milan and parma. Now i thought lets manage a team that never really did anything but should have! So i choose Venezia! look at that logo, winged lions, pretty awesome. Despite existing since 1907, they have had so few successes that their club legends are a manager that got second place in Serie B as a highlight in his 2 year reign, and alvaro recoba.. who played there a single season on loan. Promotion wasnt too hard in the first season, a couple of decent-ish players, shored up with a couple free players and a few extra loans, got me first place. In the second season got a decent transfer budget of 8 million, bought tonali, brescia relegated and i somehow was the only one to make an offer, 2,5 up front, 7,5 in installments en 5 after 50 apps. then also bought almada for 2,5 with 3 after 50, got a couple other players for next to nothing off the transfer list and brought in 16 free signings. I ended up 5th! with this tactic giving the club culture now as attacking, entertaining football, with a high tempo pressing game. Tonali averaged a 7.92 as a regista, fantastic player. I definitely recommend playing as Venice, its very enjoyable, the chairman approves most requests and just look at that badass logo man.
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