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  1. #I think there should be more in game interaction, like for be able to tell the players what they should do while they are playing. #There should be an option for us to choose who should sponsor the team you manage and how many years. #You should make the media pressurize players that are playing bad and also the manager should be able to try and make the player relax. #Also when you take over a team like for example Arsenal, Arsene Wenger shouldn't just go to any other team like for most of the time it goes to a rival team after a season like liverpool, chelsea. You should make it that the manager that leaves should go to a team that he would like to go to and for Arsene Wenger most likely a French team or the French international team, It should be more realistic. #Make the fans have more say. #Make the media make transfer rumours and the manager should be able to say if he is going to buy the player or whatever.
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