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  1. Thanks for taking time to answer my questions.
  2. I have never used the in-game editor before. How does it work? I am actually not interested in changing anything, I merely use it to see a player's future potential. However, what does the numbers indicate? I understand that above 150 is very good, but what about 90, 100, 110 and so on in potential ability? If a youngster has 50 in current ability and 60 in potential ability, will he ever make it or is his future limited? And last but not least, if I have a player with potential ability 75 and edit it to 150, will he then eventually change into a "world-class-player", or will he remain mediocre throughout his career?
  3. In some of the matches the kit disappears in the match engine. The only visible on the player is his head and legs, the rest of the body changes to grass-colour. This happens to 3-4 players in every other match.
  4. Thanks a lot for taking time out to help me. I will try these out and see how it goes. I will let you know.
  5. Thanks for answering. I use a flat midfield three in both options. My struggle is to find a good combination of roles in the midfield, and also when I use three strikers. I have in earlier editions of FM used a poacher, a false nine and an advanced forward up front, which has been great. In FM 20 however, this doesn't go well. In midfield I try to put in one on defend duty, one on support and one on attack, but it's difficult to find the right combo of roles. I am not a fan of letting my players play similar roles, the way I see a lot of tactics out there are using. In my opinion it's not realistic. I believe players in real life have different roles and duties within a team.
  6. My goal is always to play with three strikers. However, it's difficult finding a good tactic which both is reliable in attack and defense. Anyone who can help me, especially with what roles and duties that og well together in such a tactic? I don't play with big teams, always mediocre teams in different Leagues and try to build them to be champions; most recently VPS in Finland.
  7. My highlighted panels on the homepage keep changing. I set them to my preferences, ex. "legue table" and "finances & salary", but as soon as I move to another page, they changed to something else. Is there any option where I can stich them to my homepage, so they don't change?
  8. I have never used the match plans in the tactics section. Anyone of you who uses this and has any good experience in using them? Any guides or tips & tricks?
  9. After having installed FM20 when it was released last midnight, I am experiencing som graphical errors. My profile doesn't show at the start of the game and there are no graphics when playing a match - only commentary. Is it a fixable bug, or a larger problem?
  10. I have been having problems creating a tactic that will work with my Finnish VPS team. Have been trying both Gegenpress 4-1-4-1, Tiki Taka and Controll possession, but none works well; team doesn't attack, doesn't score and loses every match. Is it simply because I don't have the right players in my team or are setting up tactics in FM20 more difficult? In earlier edtitions of the FM-series, I have at least seen my team attack a lot and score a few goals, and losing now and then - but this time I'm getting pretty frustrated by the whole thing. I have played FM for several years, but never experienced such frustrations when setting up tactics - and I don't really want to use tactics others have made either….
  11. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience on these parts of the game. Looking forward to watching your videos Rashidi.
  12. Anyone who can explain to me how they use the following features in FM: the team scouting report, the pre match analysis report and the post match analysis report? Don't really know how to make use of it when planning matches, and so on. Are there any of you who uses these reports actively in your tactical set-up, match planning, etc? Please explain and give some tips and advice.
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