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  1. Have you had a chance to look closer in to this issue, @Stephen Glennon? This is a preetty big issue for many people as you can see from the screenshots and posts in this thread.
  2. It's uploaded now. The name of the file is: SI Games - Sweden European Competition Scheduling Issue I really appreciate that you are looking into this. I know it's been a big issue for me and many other who like to play the Swedish leagues. And like @kennypavey wrote above the issue really seems to have a pretty easy fix. Thank you!
  3. I have to unfortunately report the same problem with the schedule after reaching any European competition. Like @JakobDoyon wrote above, we only get between 1-2 days of rest between games. If we're lucky we get 3 days. Apparently it's solvable in real life so it would be very nice to see it solved in game or at least get an explanation as to why it can't be solved. I only play the Swedish league and have done so for each and every FM game. This problem has persisted since the beginning.
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