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  1. I posted this in the bug sub forum for transfers etc. when the Beta first came out. It was a known issue then, I don't get how no progress has been made. It's a key part for me when I play a game and is stopping me doing so.
  2. Yeah, this is something I raised in the Beta and was told it was a known issue. I like to put all my own players in a shortlist, and find that the only way to do it, so it is frustrating to come in to the full game with it not being fixed.
  3. Nope nothing like that, had a save with Tottenham and I had no problem getting the scouts as full time.
  4. Hi there, I am trying to sign scouts for Watford but can only get them on part time contracts. I signed the scouts assuming this would be okay but when I sent them to scout players outside of UK and Ireland they came back with nothing; it was only when they were sent to players in UK and Ireland did I actually get reports back. Watford are obviously a Premier League, full time club, so how do I go about getting scouts on full time contracts? Thanks in advance!
  5. As there is lots of tactics in Kimz's folder, what one should I use Home and Away for a team like Watford or a team like Chelsea. Thanks
  6. can someone please put the tactic on Mediafira and put the link here so i can download it
  7. no it isn't working, it is weird, could some please post a picture of the tactic and team instuctions and player instuction if there are or write it out please. Thanks guys, really appreciate it.
  8. sorry messed up my last message after the link with the download thing is what I have just wrote.
  9. o, it didnt work, I can't download it. I need to get a picture of the tactic or could someone explain it please as well as team instructions if there are. Thanks
  10. Please can someone help me please. I cannot download this tactic or look at it so could someone just do a link or something to the 'amazing tactic' on this please. I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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