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  1. I had to reload a few times during the season change on my main save and I was surprised that it was completely random from the nominated ones. Same for the player of the year nominates. I doubt there is any weighting applied to the end result (from 5 reload I won twice the MoTY, yet was not in the top 3 in the other ones). The matches were all played by this time so no further actions could forge the outcome. So from the nominations, it was random (or it as so-so close that anyone from the top 5 was a legit contender that is non-sense anyway). Just another broken mechanic 😃.
  2. Of my god I just get super upset about a this... The inbox message into the scouting centre of of "I've finished scouting XY... watched him for a week and receiving back a blank scouting report is just plain unaccaptable. I get it, he is from Georgia and we have no scouting knowledge of the country overall and he did not play a single match during that period. But for the love of god then watch a youtube highlight or ask a random fan of his club, just tell me SOMETHING about him.... is he fast, is he strong, something. He is an under 21 national yet this imbecile scout did NOTHING for a
  3. Thank you that is really useful. By any chance do you have FM21 data as well? I'm not sure if any rating might have been updated between the two edition.
  4. Those screenshots are just mind blowing on how much better the game looked 10 years ago.
  5. I think that means that a coach employed by FC Linköping City are not able to train players for AFK Linköping or scouts contracted for FCLC are available just for the main team and not for AFKL. So when editing the coaching assignments as AFK Linköping on the training screen you either a) only see the coaches contracted by AFK Link b) you actually see both team coaches just they are on the main team's finance? I am not familiar with the setup but it looks like that AFK Linköping would be an unofficial B team for FC Linköping City /act as a reserve team for the First Division si
  6. The wage budget - seen on the tranfer's page that you can manually adjust is only for the players' salary - both wage + bonuses. The finances screen shows you specifically how much do you spend on staff - it is separated on the expenditure screen to player wages and staff wages. Your income is also summarised on the finance breakdown (usually sponsorship, grants, matchday reveneue, ticket sales, etc.). It generates the "balance" that you see on the club information and from that balance everything is paid. As long as your balance is fine do not pay attention to coach wages as you will nev
  7. Hi there! I made some testing after I already created a topic and asked it previously in multiple topics also and summarised it here but it was wastly overlooked: Hints and Tips - entire content - Football Manager General Discussion - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com) As you mentioned a lot of people get basic principles about scouting wrong and circulating it on multiple forums, I tried to clear it up somewhat. Like no point of leaving a scout unassigned - general assignment, 1 scout can watch 3 players individually at the same time and scouting's nation knowledge has not
  8. More annoying is the fake wage demand and how the game registers league rep change. Guys I had on trial for 2 weeks in June asking for max 4k/month now after any offer after the 1st of July they are not willing to sign below 12k because I am in the top division.... But I already won the league (div2) in May!!! How can he not form his wage demand considering this? Luckily i had some contracts offered in late June with their old wage demand before the leaguee rep kicking but this is utterly nonsense. Note to myself: sign all your players before 30 June if you are promoted as other way you w
  9. Most of the KNAP tactics are symmetrical - that is one of the simplye giveaway to indentify them on screen e.g. my favourite of having two IWB-SU and IF-A out wide in a 433. Makes zero logical sense from tactical standpoint but perfectly exploits the match engine - which his tactics are all about. IRL 99% of succesful managers use asymmetrical formations as there is no 100% matching players in a tactic who hold their line perfectly at the same lenght of the pitch. Even if one winger is 1m more forward than the other in defense, it becomes assym and completely rational. That is the whole point
  10. I mean we (Roma) did the exact same thing with Smalling (though not sure if we had a clause to activate). ManRed had a price and wanted to sell, Smalling wanted to come, Roma wanted to buy... but we started lowballing them for 1.5 months to lower the price with 1-2M. Absolutely realistic scenario 😁
  11. Check the Player Search/Scouted tab. You probably have some filters applied under your scouting preferences. By default I think it only shows players above 60 recommendation level under the Scouting Assignments' reports, but here (Scouted tab) you see all the players your scouts/club watched. Your scout might not recommend a player in the report as he considers them only 55 level while in reality he might be the best player for your squad. Alternatively you might have added a filter to your your scouting assignment like "Squad player/Hot prospect" or "4.5 star potential" something which limits
  12. Not quick tips, but it is connecting to this area - scouting. When scouting a player it will not matter how much the assigned scout is familiar with the nation of the player (just your club's overall knowledge about that nation + your scouting package). So example when scouting a Ligue 2/French player you will have the same knowledge % increase after 1-2 watched matches with a French scout or with a German scout (who has zero knowledge of France). So there is no point organizing your individual player search assignments to your scout's nationalities/knowledge. Also 1 scout can have 3
  13. Comparison screen still not showing attributes except for the average. I get this wil remain like this as "intentional quality of life improvement"? My long-term saved just crashed right before updating the game and now it will not load. Reverting back to a backup, altough it is only from yesterday, but I've wasted my whole afternoon of scouting/trialing, etc on 1st Jun "fo foksaik"
  14. Hello fellow Managers. I have a question over general scouting assignment vs player scouting. Atm at lower league with only 3 scouts (7-9 JP attributes ) I am doing mainly manual scouting identified players ( player searched/recommended and clicked "get scout report") which are then showing up in the scout priorities. The scouts do not have any general assignments set up (e.g. nation or league) except for one to scout next opposition. If there would be though lets say scouting the league I am in (competition) would they generate the player reports ("watching matches") or they would be overwhe
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