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  1. As much as in real life. Sometimes things just don't go your way, and others everything just aligns and you get a big score. Look at the Premier League, only one team has ever gone undefeated.. but there's been some amazing teams who just on their day lost to teams who were below them. Using your dice analogy. If your teams are evenly matched... both role a die... you're more likely to get an even game... and the rare result of 6-1. But more likely there will be one goal in it either way. As your team improves relative to your opponent, you may have 2d6 versus 1d6.... this means your scores vary from 12-1 to 2-6.... so the chances of losing lessen but are still there. But even if your team is so much better... 4 dices v 1 die in this one... the 1 die team can ONLY win if the first 4 dices roll 4 or 5... BUT there is a small chance. 2/24.... 1/12... so while it's near impossible for the team to win... if the stars align and all the luck goes this way... there's a chance. TLDR; Long weird analogy short, Luck will always play a part, but improve your team relative to your opponents and may the odds be ever be in your favour.
  2. I found a pack and had to add them manually on my stars. Default faces are so bad!
  3. I don't know if you can specifically. Best you can do is to "issue a hands off warning" when asked about his potential move in interviews. Set auto-reject on offers, or just, as I've seen mentioned... let the bids expire and then cancel. It's pain, but it always happens, AI seem to low ball usually, but if you don't want to sell then just cancel. Sometimes though they will surprise you and come in with a big offer that you just can't say no to. As for your GKs value, he's a 3.5* player, and he's conceded, on average, .96 goals a game for the past 2 seasons(?), previous to he was shipping goals at an alarming rate (2.18). That's not great... especially for a Champ League challenging side. Attached is my keeper, also a Croatian #1. He's been my number 1 for 5 years and on average concedes 0.49 goals a game over that time period. He's just won Goalkeeper of the year for the 2nd time in a row. The next highest valued keeper in my save is £46m.
  4. Have any teams made that jump in real life from 5. and below?
  5. I don't know if this is any help (I have no idea of anything below 2. Bundesliga when it comes to teams), but here are the current 3. Liga teams.. not sure if any of those are teams which may have been promoted from below the Regionalliga.
  6. Ahh, I'm with you. Wasn't aware that Dortmund II started so close to the visible leagues, especially given how long it took them to get into 3. Liga. Just read the rules on how teams qualify for 3. Liga..... definitely a bit of a minefield... Hope someone comes along with the right answer for you!
  7. Hi mate.... In answer to 1, it may be specific to your database.... but using the default database there is a change that your reserves will rise high enough to enter viewable leagues. As you can see for Dortmund II, it took them awhile... but they made it to 3. Liga in 2037/2038. I was Dortmund manager from 35-38, so I'd like to think me feeding them some quality players was significant in helping them rise up to viewable. If you're at the same club for a long time and feed them good players, I presume the rise may occur earlier than 37/38. They have also gone on to win it several times, but never promoted, I'm guessing there is a rule about Reserve teams reaching 2. Bundesliga. 2) I don't know for certain, but when loaning players out I see them improve significantly more when playing in a nations top league, than when playing for my reserves (Currently PSG 2).
  8. More a side-effect of dashing to grab the last toilet roll!!
  9. Although both have secondary nationalities, their primary nations are Luxembourg and Angola
  10. Totally viable tactic.... if you can't move your slider towards wage budget, then it works perfectly. Clubs on a loan typically ask for a cash amount, be that in wage contribution or fees, they don't care. I don't mind clubs supplementing a low wage % with a bigger fee when I'm loaning people out!
  11. It's 3rd party content so think I'm not allowed to direct link. But just google, Newgen facepack... think it's the second result
  12. It's 3rd party content. Just google Newgen facepacks.
  13. On the club info page, by stadium you can see it's "Owned by: Club" Sometimes expansions aren't possible due restrictions of space around the stadium. Not sure why you wouldn't be able to ask for a new stadium though... Have you had the stadium expanded recently? I don't currently have the option for either at PSG, but I did just expand my new stadium.
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