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  1. Thanks. That works at least better than my 2nd team playing my main tactic without me beeing able to change roles/formation. Still think it's weird that I could change the tactical instructions(underlap for example) before but not the formation/position when I take control.
  2. IIrc in 19 I could set the formation for my B-Team. I think there were 3 options. Play like first team, set a specific formation or let the B Team manager do whatever he thinks is best. Is this still possible in 20? I can't find it and my B Team always has the same formation as my main team.
  3. Aww that attribute bug sucks quite a bit from what I read. Did they say how long it will take to fix it? Bugs happen, would just be cool to know if it will take a day or a week.
  4. This might be interesting for you. Here is the whole thread. I was surprised that the stats of the HOYD don't seem to matter as much as I previously thought.
  5. Thanks a lot. Even I understand it now^^.
  6. That's why I asked where the names are taken from. I don't even care if it is decided based on recognizability for the english users. I was just curious why it is done this way. Didn't know that was trolling. Like I said before it doesn't matter that much and I clearly seem to annoy ppl so I will just let it go. Have a good one everyone.
  7. Really no need to get agressive imho. I am Austrian too and it is weird looking at an unfamiliar table cause only one team has their sponsor in the name. The homepage of wac is called "https://www.rzpelletswac.at/" I don't see rz or pellets in the game. Same is prbly true for a lot of other clubs in austria. I understand there is no uniform format and you just make up the names as you please. That's fine with me too, you could have just told me that. Thanks anyways.
  8. If you don't mind could you tell me where you get the offical name from? I really don't want to annoy you I would just like to understand it.
  9. Have you tested it? I tried that in 19 with cheatengine and it didn't work.
  10. Ya I understand why it is rb lepzig that's why I posted in the austrian forum and not in the german one. Sorry if I didn't explain it properly but my question basically is where are you getting the names from? On the offical austrian bundesliga site every team has their sponsor in the name, on the uefa one no one does like you said and on their own club sites some of them have. I just found it weird that it isn't a uniform format for all. It doesn't matter too much anyways. I was just curious.
  11. I asked Miles about it on twitter and he said that b teams can get promoted if the league rules allow it. He didn't answer my question about what factors the promotion is based on though. I understand it. He prbly has enough to do as it is right now. Maybe we can get a mod to answer it.
  12. It's not. What they do is actually against european law. They can't just send me half what I ordered after I already payed them and without notifying me about it. Doesn't matter what their refund policy says. And in this case the manafacturer took over 2 weeks to find out that they actually made a mistake. How can I return the game earlier when the support takes that long to process my ticket. The manufacturer told me to go to steam for a refund. If iam not too lazy I will make a complaint to the european consumer protection agency. Glad you had a good expierence with the steam support mine was horrible. They didn't read my ticket. They just looked at the playtime and send me a copypaste. I mean what is a better reason than a screenshot of the manufacturer support saying I will get my refund when I contact steam. Anways enough of that, this topic is about where to buy the game sorry for sidetracking.
  13. I think it's wrong that salzburg is the only team that has its sponsor in the name. Should be FC Salzburg not FC RB Salzburg. Proof: https://de.uefa.com/teamsandplayers/teams/club=50030/profile/index.html Edit: While I am at it, it is also weird that some city names are translated and some aren't. For example Rapid Vienna(Wien) but WSG Tirol(Tyrol)
  14. Tbf steam support is horrible too. If you ever have a problem they for sure won't help you, they prbly won't even read your ticket. I preordered a game, a few days before release the preorder bonuses got changed without notifying me about it. The manufacturer support told me that they are sorry about the mistake and I should request a refund on steam. I tried multiple times on steam. I always got the same message saying I played the game for too long. I mean wtf. Ofc I played the game while my ticket was beeing processed by the manufacterer support. For anyone still thinking about buying it from shopto it worked perfectly fine for me(EU not UK).
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