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  1. Nevermind I found a way to lock in my B-teams formation. I am even able play my B-team managers formation now when I am in charge of training.
  2. It is still a bug imho. I understand that I can't use my managers prefered formation if I am in charge of training. The problem is I can't switch between the tactics of my main team either. If you have different tactics set for your main team the b-team will always use the one you clicked on last. Which leads to atrocious micro management if you want your b-team to play a different tactic than your main team. The only workaround I have found is to always change your main teams tactic on the matchday of your b-team. I don't see a good reason why I should not be able to se
  3. Basically title. If I am NOT in charge of training my B-team I can choose the formation when clicking on Dev. Centre > B-team name. If I am in charge of my B-teams individual or general training I can't change my tactic.
  4. Thanks. That works at least better than my 2nd team playing my main tactic without me beeing able to change roles/formation. Still think it's weird that I could change the tactical instructions(underlap for example) before but not the formation/position when I take control.
  5. IIrc in 19 I could set the formation for my B-Team. I think there were 3 options. Play like first team, set a specific formation or let the B Team manager do whatever he thinks is best. Is this still possible in 20? I can't find it and my B Team always has the same formation as my main team.
  6. Aww that attribute bug sucks quite a bit from what I read. Did they say how long it will take to fix it? Bugs happen, would just be cool to know if it will take a day or a week.
  7. This might be interesting for you. Here is the whole thread. I was surprised that the stats of the HOYD don't seem to matter as much as I previously thought.
  8. Have you tested it? I tried that in 19 with cheatengine and it didn't work.
  9. I asked Miles about it on twitter and he said that b teams can get promoted if the league rules allow it. He didn't answer my question about what factors the promotion is based on though. I understand it. He prbly has enough to do as it is right now. Maybe we can get a mod to answer it.
  10. It's not. What they do is actually against european law. They can't just send me half what I ordered after I already payed them and without notifying me about it. Doesn't matter what their refund policy says. And in this case the manafacturer took over 2 weeks to find out that they actually made a mistake. How can I return the game earlier when the support takes that long to process my ticket. The manufacturer told me to go to steam for a refund. If iam not too lazy I will make a complaint to the european consumer protection agency. Glad you had a good expierence with the steam support mi
  11. Tbf steam support is horrible too. If you ever have a problem they for sure won't help you, they prbly won't even read your ticket. I preordered a game, a few days before release the preorder bonuses got changed without notifying me about it. The manufacturer support told me that they are sorry about the mistake and I should request a refund on steam. I tried multiple times on steam. I always got the same message saying I played the game for too long. I mean wtf. Ofc I played the game while my ticket was beeing processed by the manufacterer support. For anyone still thinking about buying
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