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  1. I'm searching for any information about NK Portorož Piran, it is a team from slovenia, any information that isn't on wiki would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.
  2. Pre-Season This is my formation and first choice 11 at the start of pre-season I haven't decided on what my tactic will be. I am leaning towards playing some type of attacking style of football. We get 2 new kit sponsors from local companies, which will bring in some more money to the club and money in Football Manager is never a bad thing. We get our first staff hire in this save, Chief Scout Alexander Svenlén-Ekeros. He is not good at all but he was the only one to reply to the advert. We are still favored to be in the promo
  3. Database Setup The database that I'm using in this save is Helsvenskan by Justus that I got from Steam. This database contains the complete Swedish Football League System. I have made changes to the database by creating my own football club. I have also loaded Realistic Injuries by majesticeternity and Language Overhaul - Increase the Immersion by majesticeternity, in order to make the save more realistic. I have only loaded the Swedish Leagues in order to be able to keep the game running fast. The club I have created is in the Division 6 Skåne Norra which is t
  4. On the steam workshop. It was created by D4n1v4l
  5. League Update We are still undefeated this season, with another 8 wins and 3 draws in the league during October, November and December. We are also through in the Rheinlandpokal after defeating our local rivals TuS Koblenz, we beat them 1-0 with the only goal coming from the penalty spot. In the next round of the cup we have draw our other local rivals RW Koblenz. Now we have the winter break so hopefully that won't ruin our undefeated run. We have had our preview of the youth intake, it doesn't look promising but at lest it isn't has some positive things to say.
  6. League Update After all game in July, August and September have been played we are top of the league. With 8 wins and 2 draws the season is looking promising. We are very solid defensively, we have only conceded one goal. We have hit a bit of rough path drawing 2 of our last 3 games, the reason for this is we have been missing players that have been injured or suspended by red cards or they have accumulated enough yellow cards to trigger a suspension. We also had the draw in the Rheinlandpokal where we will play our rivals TuS Koblenz in our first official rivalry game. The tra
  7. Preseason At the start of preseason I manage to re-negotiate the club vision to not include sign under 23 players for the first team. I also tried to remove the don't sign players over 30 but I didn't want to push the board to hard. The media prediction has us at second while the board expects a top three finish, so either this is going to be an easy season or extremely hard. I brought in some more staff since I only had an assistant manager, and as with all lower league saves it is not the best staff I could get but the best I could afford. Du
  8. RD Koblenz Welcome to Koblenz, Germany. A lovely city by the river Rhine and this is where this save begins. RD Koblenz is a team I have created in the Rheinland-Liga in the 6 tier of the German league system. I choose to create a team in Koblenz because it is a city without any big football team that has a high attraction rating in the editor. It is here I will try to create a club that will rise through the German league system and find glory and fame. This is where the story begins with the first day on the job and I get introduced to the club. Club RD Koble
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