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  1. I have seen the one basic video (link in 1st post) but very basic and fuzzy. Members have mentioned instruction videos (plural) and wondered how and where to view them.
  2. Can't find the link to Ruci's vidoes - can anyone help? I think this editor is the best thing since sliced bread and almost daily find a new function. One area that I don't understand is the "Clone." I tried it our and now have 2 identical players in my team and it seems I cannot undo or rename either one. With the 'Import & Export' facility (which I think does the same job) I wondered how the 'Clone' function assists players and how.
  3. "Cloning" - Just a thought Ruci, might be an idea to add a button to tick all boxes ot have all boxes ticked and untick as required. Went into it and added 3 players to clone and now have 3 Messi's & lost the other two players! I had to give the other two nicknames. I later discovered the inport/export file facilitly and have files; Def, ST, AMCs etc. and simply use these to restore their attributes when necessary. Terrific editor and once again many thanks.
  4. Have found the "Donate" button on your web site - and pleased to make a donation. Thanks for all the hard work.
  5. Just been made England manager - is it posible to bring up the national team and heal them etc.?
  6. Absolutely brilliant Ruci. One question; Lets say I adjust a player's stats, is there a feature that I can click to re-instate those stats after they drop? I have heard of cloning - but don't know what it is ot whether its available in the current release. Currently using the "Legend" but have to adjust a couple of stats from 20 to 1 and also change GK. By the way, I think you should make a small charge for members to aquire this sophisticated editor. I'm sure nobody would object to a nominal fee of say £2.00.
  7. Ruci, since v211 I have on on occations had a warning box appear during a match - something like "Maximum Square Root Reached" and I click th 'OK' button twice to get rid of it and finish the match and then save & reboot. However, last night after receiving this warning the game froze at half time. Any idea what this warning refers to?
  8. If the player is say, from Brazil - simply change it to England or whatever - also you can then add Brazil as second nationality.
  9. Like this morning - the version in the opening post is for versoion 211 and towards the end of the thread version 212 has been released.
  10. Ruci, I always press the 'save' button twice to be safe - would it be an idea to add a 'beeb or ping' to confirm the save button has been activated. Only a small point - but possibly usefull. Thanks again for all the time and effort you have spent creating this terrific editor.
  11. Agreed John, but the message is edited to say, "last edited on 29/11/2008 when the release date is in fact say, 6/11/2008. So the date is effected by any editing to the whole message & instruction. It was just a suggestion to add the realease date with the version - which message editing would not effect if that makes sense.
  12. At the top of your post "FMRTE v2.0.0088 Released" would it be possible to add the release date - as posssibly many don't know or can't remember the version number. It would mean just checking the heading daily and looking for a new release date to know an FMRTE had an updated version available.......Cheers.
  13. Great job Ruci - and many thanks. Really looking forward to your release of updated version.
  14. I agree and hope Ruci knows that the vast majority of members really do appreciate the time and effort put in to produce this terrific editor.
  15. I made sure that all earlier versions were removed from my pc prior to downlaoding version 2 and it worked a treat. I think there was a warning on the ms download site advising this action.
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