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  1. This is on my PC. The game works on my mac - however i much prefer playing on pc.
  2. I have done the update, even reinstalled the game and still not working. Do you know what this usually means when the window is saying:- 'Football Manager 2020 20.1.0-131324 (staging) has stopped working' Thanks
  3. Thanks for the help. Still no luck for me i'm afraid. However I do have it working on my Mac now. Hopefully it will work on my desktop one day.
  4. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. So I have uninstalled any antivirus that I have and even went to the extent of turning off firewall. Then uninstalling and reinstalling the game and I am still getting the same error. I have attached the error information. Thanks again. New Text Document.txt
  5. Had no issues previous to the Hotfix 20.0.3 - Now I can't get my game to load up. I am getting a window that states 'Football Manager 2020 20.0.3 - 1307550 (staging) has stopped working. I have tried re-installing the game, rebooting PC, removing anti virus and all the rest. Any help is much appreciated!
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