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  1. Hey guys, Mike Phelan got poached by QPR, and instead of offering him a new contract, I let him go (don't really rate him much IRL so thought meh let him go), anyone know of a good ass-man replacement? Ideally someone with high Judging player Ability because I use the ass-man's ability star rating as a tab in my team selection, team talks I can just let Baldini give me his opinion, and for opp instructions I let warren Joyce as he has the highest tactical knowledge. Cheers
  2. RIP Steven, tragic loss, cannot fully express in words how shocked I am to hear about a loss at such a young age. My condolences go out to his family and close friends, and I will miss his tactical articles, and to a fellow United fan, you will be missed buddy. John
  3. Thou shalt always 'Clear Selection' and pick the 11 + subs again, even if you know you're going to pick the exact same team.
  4. I did exactly this! Took her straight back home after Quantum of Solace lmao. I must be sad
  5. ...You're in the bedroom with the MRS. and then you abandon half way through to play the demo at midnight tonight.
  6. Hi Fuss, how are you? I was just wondering which striker was the target man? The one right in the SC position or the one just to the left of the SC position? Thanks alot, can't wait to test your V4 tactic.
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