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  1. Hi I ran into this problem today aswell. See added pictures. If you need any more info, il get back to you as soon as i can. /Belmacor
  2. Hi Part of my club vision is "Minimum 2 years contract for first team players", however the coding for the two years seems to be =2years instead of =>2years. I just got hit with a message saying I did a signing that breaks with my club vision when i signed a 3+1 contract with a new player. Thank you in advance, /Belmacor
  3. Hi again I've now uploaded a save called "IFK Haninge (upload).fm" from the same date (8/8-2020) as the screenshots. Good luck with the troubleshooting. /Belmacor
  4. Hi The club vision does not seem to be the issue as far as i can tell, il include a screenshot. Thanks again for the quick response. /Belmacor
  5. Hi, I am currently playing as IFK Haninge in Sweden. I've signed a player with the contract clause "Optional extension by club" but there is no way for me to actually activate the clause. The club is only Semi-pro and when I offered the contract the longest contract I could offer him was 4 months (the same as he had remaining). I upped hes wages and added this clause to make sure I had him locked down for next season, but there is no way for me to activate the clause. I'm really hesitant to keep playing since other teams will try to snatch him for free. I can't even try to outbid them since he signed the contract recently. Thank you in advance, /Belmacor
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