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  1. Seems to mostly be people on this forum, that wants that. This is simply not a fact on a multitude on other forums across the globe. And how about the big silent crowd? What do they want? I just don't see or understand how you come to this conclusion.
  2. I feel like the options I would like to push, is not there. And again, this only represent people on this forum.
  3. It should be possible to do both in 2020. I'm on the other side of this, wanting them to only touch the ME and leave the rest, if that is what it would take. From reading all post here, it seems like people are very split about what should actually be changed or not. This forum is in the minority of people playing. Most are silent, or on some small national forum. I can't really tell what the majority actually wants. Proberbly a mix of it all. Better AI, better UI, better graphics ... I mean, at this point, if FM21 feels like an upgrade in any aspect, I'll take it, but I do worry it wont
  4. You are taking words out of my mouth. I never said any of this. On the other hand, did I say hundreds of thousand have already downloaded it, and the feedback is 97-99% positive. (if I where to estimate some numbers.) I would rather have SI focusing on a new engine, and let moders do the (hard) work on the current one, if allowed in FM21. We can change the physics, and we can change the animations too. But only if allowed. And moders are well aware of how hard it is to balance it. Fair enough. Do you believe it will change? Personally I don't, but I guess we will have to wa
  5. Since SI have a habit of deleting post, saying the name of this mod or just mention it, am I not going to say more then that. Their house, their rules.
  6. Sure we can. That was simply done by moders changing only a small part of the ME. The json file, and the physics. This changed a part of the ME, and for the most part for the better, for most people.
  7. YES! This man understand it lol. AI > animations > graphics All needs upgrades, but do not confuse the three.
  8. You know its bad, when users with plenty of post on this forum is mostly writing negative comments. The real question is, can anyone actually do anything about current issues with FM? No not really, SI would need a new engine. The current engine is made for 2D, it wont get much better then this. Players are round discs sliding on a flat surface, and made to life with layered graphical animations for 3D. Now don't get me wrong, that is impressive, but also very confusing. They got +200k lines of animation coding, for a 2D based ME. Why? I'm bamboozled about people even having second t
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