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  1. That worked thanks ever so much for pointing me in the right direction
  2. Cheers will give that a go, so I don’t need separate folders for the different graphics just put them in the same graphics folder??
  3. Would you be able to provide me with the right setup as to where to put the each particular graphic??
  4. I’ve followed the usual documents/fm2020/graphics/kits after that I’ve followed the steps in game and nothing changes
  5. The same as usual, graphics and then kits nothing seems to be working not sure if it’s something on my computer that is conflicting
  6. Fmf files downloaded from various sites are not being imported into the game, however tactics from the steam workshop load fine. Any ideas??
  7. I have been constantly trying to insert custom graphics into the game since the beta release and even after trying everything nothing seems to work, only graphics that have been downloaded from the steam workshop work? Could there be on conflict on my computer stopping graphics being inserted. I’m on a MacBook Air with Mac Catalina
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