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  1. Hoping to see the return of some old features such as through balls to strikers and defensive headers from set pieces
  2. I find it much more frustrating that no one plays the simple and obvious pass to create a clear cut chance in the first place. Everything in the final third of the pitch is a disaster and makes it a struggle to enjoy the process of developing a tactic. Such a sterile and frustrating match engine
  3. Haven't played a lot of this years game because I really don't enjoy the match engine so I can wait on the next one. Probably the first FM I don't intend buying on launch. What's really disappointing is the game gets written off less than 6 months after launch when there's clearly a lot more work left to be done and I felt the same happened with 19. I'd rather buy a quality product I enjoy than get rinsed for easy money year after year when the game is dropping in standard and potentially left unfinished
  4. Is it going to be fixed for this years edition or will we have to pay another 40 quid next year to see the improvements?
  5. With more free time I keep going back to this years game with new tactics, new saves, new ideas trying to get the most from it. And its just a dreadful match engine. What's even more dissapointing is that the game is going to be left in this state.
  6. No more match engine updates? I'll pack this game in then and probably count myself for next years game too. Disappointing but have to accept the game is not at the standard worth sinking time into
  7. Just came to report this. Bit annoying as I always use the directional keys to navigate
  8. Match engine is still dreadful in the final third. Very little good central build up Players not making the obvious pass to the striker in space Wingers beating players with ease but unable to actually cross or play a final ball into space, opting for the shot from a ridiculous angle most of the time instead Shoot less often instruction doesn't seem to really stop players from shooting at insane angles or range. Need to add a please for the love of god pass the ball to the striker instruction Won a game 5-1 with 3 goals from set pieces and 2 long shots. For a game with
  9. The public beta feels just like FM19 without the side netting shots but we're back to the long shot goals and neglected striker. I've worked back in my FM19 tactic and it's playing exactly the same. In one sense I'm happy the match engine in the public beta is in an enjoyable state and I can actually get through a few games but really this FM seems like a total write off if it's January 2020 and I feel like I'm playing the same game as last year
  10. Match engine in the public beta is the best one yet. Still too many long shots and full backs shooting far too often but at least it looks more natural than what was happening in the last few match engines.
  11. Really enjoying this game until the season starts and I have to watch the absolutely abysmal match engine. Then I just turn it off. How has it not been patched yet.
  12. This looks brilliant. Are the laser guided long balls not causing problems to the CB?
  13. Took the words out of my mouth. Keep jumping on here checking to see if the match engine has been updated. Probably put about 10 hours into the game the past week before I finally packed it in until an update.
  14. He was aiming a shot for the side netting but has terrible awareness
  15. I thought I needed a new approach to the game because of how ridiculous and unnatural the game was playing. Glad other people are having the same issues so I wont waste my team scratching my head trying to work on a tactic where my defence wont have a mental breakdown at the sight of a high ball. Even watching the ai play each other is absolutely crazy, seeing games finish with 50-60 shots between both sides but a low scoreline. Every single chance coming from a long ball, yet a 5-10 yard pass into the path of a striker is non existent. Extremely disappointing how poor the match en
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