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  1. Hey,it is a problem as far as i know to register a player for a B team u need the league so it seems. i myself use https://community.sigames.com/topic/504270-fm20-2030-leagues-mega-pack-222-nations-3-other-compet-by-timo/ spanish file as a workaround (load all the leagues in spain of course) and then you'll be able to register. at least that works for me.
  2. So tried Timo files and checked some teams including Leganes and Deportivo and it works,u can register the players.tho i agree that this is not the best solution. for example Deportivo and Leganes B teams. Timo files can be found here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/504270-fm20-2030-leagues-mega-pack-222-nations-3-other-compet-by-timo/
  3. Hey,i think there is a mistake (if you can fix) in the files.lower leagues from liga Alef and lower should NOT be allowed to sign any foreign player. keep up the good job! [:
  4. Hey,while u didnt ask from me,i found the same problem as u can see: save uploaded:"Dream Maestro - Glenavon.fm"
  5. Hey @amn is the problem you guys talked about the wage of players solved already? if there was a problem. would like to manage there when the game will be out.
  6. Hey. i did upload my file. the name of the save is: "Dream Maestro - Basel bug el swiss.fm"
  7. hi i think i found a bug in the UEL qualifying round. teams from the same nation cannot meet but as you can see: i got Thun as Basel
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