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  1. Hey,i think there is a mistake (if you can fix) in the files.lower leagues from liga Alef and lower should NOT be allowed to sign any foreign player. keep up the good job! [:
  2. Hey,while u didnt ask from me,i found the same problem as u can see: save uploaded:"Dream Maestro - Glenavon.fm"
  3. Hey @amn is the problem you guys talked about the wage of players solved already? if there was a problem. would like to manage there when the game will be out.
  4. Hey. i did upload my file. the name of the save is: "Dream Maestro - Basel bug el swiss.fm"
  5. hi i think i found a bug in the UEL qualifying round. teams from the same nation cannot meet but as you can see: i got Thun as Basel
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