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  1. Will try the midfield combo you suggested. The AMR has play wide PI (forgot to mention that). I agree that Odgeaard is more of a playmaker than Felix, thats why i tried playing him as a AM, SS and T to get some results from him(either assists or goals).. but he doesen't score, assists or plays at least key passes to generate some action.
  2. Hi guys! I have a problem getting most out of Joao Felix in my Arsenal 4231 tactic. I bought Joao Felix to replace Odegaard for who i got a hefty transfer offer which i couldn't refuse and in return i bought Joao Felix to replace him as my CAM - AP - A role... but even if he had few good games, felix is mostly playing bad games.. mostly 6.5, 6.6 ratings... and then he explodes a game or two with some good performances but usualy plays bad and it's frustrating because he is supposed to be my main playmaker. Odegaard was my main playmaker and brought me 20 assist per season in all competitio
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