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  1. Just started my yearly game with the Dons - life long fan & always give them a run in FM. not a bad start, first game of the season against celtic I won 3-0 after Scott Brown got himself sent off...scraped a 2-2 with Ross County at Pittodrie in game 2 though, so not all sweetness & light as game 1 led me to believe! Player pool is good, lots of talented youth and some experience with Rae, Anderson & Naysmith. Signed Geoffrey Tulasne on a free, had him in FM12 and he was electric - so far he is ok, although lack of English language is hindering him more in FM13 than it did in last years game, which is more realistic. So far, so good! Looking forward to any hints/tips/ideas on getting the best from The Dons .
  2. Thanks Neil. Mine is showing: 13.1.1 328972(m.e v1312) - so good to go! thanks!
  3. Hi, Can someone please confirm the correct version number for Fm13? I just updated from the beta & not sure it is correct. thanks
  4. Can someone please confirm the correct version number for the game? I just updated from the beta to the full game using the code on the back of my boxed copy manual & would like a definitive on the correct version number to make sure it is correct. Tried searching these boards & Google but cant see a definitive. Mine is: 13.1.1 328972 (m.e v1312) Is this correct? thanks a lot.
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