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  1. I think there's a difference between being 100% tactical familiar and 100% positional familiar. If everything is fluid except positional familiarity I wouldn't worry, IMO.
  2. As an update, this appears to only be happening with the standard skin and not a custom. edit: Spoke too soon. Still crashed just went longer.
  3. Summary: Game crashes after every match is completed after latest update on Steam v 20.2 Description of Issue: Upon completing and exiting a match, game crashes with Application Error. Sometimes ignoring the error allows the game to continue a day or two. Steps to Reproduce: Complete match Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.03 16.11.43).dmp and Journeyman.fm
  4. Rich Nazzaro | 1. FC Schweinfurt 05 | 3. Liga | 2022/23 (Season 3) Summary I've gotta be honest, I'm really starting to struggle with the team. I feel no connection to them, and it's become a bit of a drag. This was reflected by some real inappropriate expectations I had for this season. I decided to try to keep on the core of my team from last season - and shorted spending on defenders. That didn't go well, although I only had a single loan player this year. We ended up finishing in 9th. Very tough season. Finances are still not looking the best, sitting at Insecure the entire year. The transfers I did make I felt good about, and I had a few surprises I've carried on into Season 4. I screwed the pooch and let my awesome defender, Lamti, go. This may well be my last season with the team unless I start getting excited about them again. I think, knowing so little about Germany is the problem. Regardless, onwards and upwards!
  5. Rich Nazzaro | 1. FC Schweinfurt 05 | 3. Liga | 2021/22 (Season 2) Summary The second season started out VERY rough. I was scrambling to put a squad together during the one week of preseason and leveraged some loans again. The transfers for the year were alright. I keep selling my players for less than the board wants, of course. We were off to a very hard start but came together very quickly, climbing up the ranks rather well. Towards the end of the season, we were threatening for at least the playoff position but ran into a poor stretch of results (I messed up on team selection quite a bit, unfortunately). The club finally set the expansion of the stadium up to comply with 3. Liga rules and wants me to finish next season in the top half. I have a good existing team, along with some surprises (Zalewski, Sint) I wasn't expecting much from. My goal is to challenge for promotion, but qualifying for DFB Pokal is a huge boost for our struggling finances.
  6. Realize I posted in the wrong thread. after the first season, 3. Liga has no prize money?
  7. Well we made it through the first season and finished significantly higher than expected. We made it to 9th in the 20/21 standings, which was a real joy, but it was a very congested table and it was right down to the wire, unfortunately. Mathematic safety didn't come until the end of April, with only two or three matches left. Our squad at the end was significantly smaller, with a few players getting annoyed about wanting to move on because they had four stars or some offers. Very frustrating. Here's the end of season run down: Squad Manager Transfers The board is going through some significant monetary growing pains. We shifted all the way to insecure before moving back to okay, but currently we have just roughly one million in the bank. However, they've given me nearly $4 mil USD p/a in salary and only $140k in transfer. So, it's going to be free transfers. I've been looking very hard at U21 players, and I think my roster may end up being one of the youngest. However, the goal is to get some sales generated by finding diamonds in the rough or stabilize finances by being a stead mid-table team for the next year or two before I think we can start challenging for promotion safely. Also rather annoyed I haven't been seeded for DFB-Pokal this season, etiher.
  8. Here we go! 1.FC Schweinfurt 05! Season 1! Our finances are looking very good! Had plenty of wage room left and a fairly decent existing staff. I was able to find some VERY good free coaches/Assman/GM that shared our style of 4231 Possession football we'll be playing alongside our backup 4141DM. Preseason has come to an end and we had our home opener with a convincing win. Quite a few 4 star players want to leave, of course, and the free agents I've found so far that fit the system want just an obscene amount of money for their relative playing time and skill. So, we're going to be running a fairly lean ship. Any signings I've done have been under 23 thus far with some good promise, as I expect to spend at least two years in 3. Liga building the club reputation.
  9. I tried with VfB Oldenburg and lasted a season. Team was a dumpster fire with discontent players and poor finances. Gonna try 3. Liga again.
  10. It would be fantastic to be able to see impact of staff salary on financials.
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