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  1. Jonathan Woodgate is down as Bournemouth assistant manager not as manager after the new update
  2. i just signed him. just started managing man utd in 2027 wanted 60k and squad role it happens with a lot young players.
  3. I was trying to buy two wonderkid's 16,17 years but there wages demands were way to high to sign the wanted upwards of between 50k to 100k grand. i don't know if this is meant to be in game but it's need to be their wage demand's to be turn down a bit. here is an example of one
  4. Get this notification ever time u I try and validate the advance rules not been able use the pre game editor since it came out.
  5. Season is over and Newcastle have still have to play a game at the end of season the fixture are a mess at the end of the season
  6. I just near the end of my save have no save file that go back that far it had happen to me twice in my save had to cancel the deal before the match to get out of it
  7. Found this bug when you are giving a player a contract straight after a match it stays stuck in awaiting media reaction report leaving the game complete stuck and unable to continue the save. first time i have seen this the only option to get out of this is force close the game reload and cancel the deal and hope the player still wants to come.
  8. this popped up after the new hotfix for the editor
  9. Glad I am not the only one with this issue
  10. yes but i think i have sorted it spent all weekend eliminating different things not sure what was causing it but i think i have it sorted did delete a few crash dumps never had this issue before thank you for getting back
  11. I have a brand new PC only 4 months old everything is up to spec have 16gb of ram an 2tb of data custom built for gaming recently got an error msg saving that my football manager running Dangerous low on memory but everything is fine on my PC never experienced this issue before and it cause my computer to crash tried taking a picture of it but crashes before i can my other games are working without a problem have close to 700 hours in game never had this before on any version of the game
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