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  1. Hey fuss, just tryed your tactic with my Team From the lowest English league playable, and i must say it really did not work for me, i think this my beas the standard of my players is very poor. but ive played for 4 matches (i know this is not long but) 0-0 draw at home - was please witht his result as they was top of league 0-1 lose at home - was not very please at home and lost but is acceptable 4-1 lose Away - did not really have any of the ball, and just got smashed from start to end 7-1 lose at Home - well what can i say, they had a striker play a 10 and score 6 goals, my highest rateing this game was 5 i also had a red card and 4 players play a 3 rating, but im sure this is just due to the rubbishness of my player in this league...
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