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  1. There are a few trends in player ratings I’ve picked up from playing FM and wondered if others have noticed the same. - My GKs always have a relatively low rating. I once went a whole season conceding only 4 goals, yet my GK’s average rating was 6.85 - My DMs always have a high rating in the game
  2. Yeah completely agree with you both, I have noticed this and it’s quite frustrating
  3. 50 goals in one season?! Damn, that’s impressive. Yeah funnily enough, Mbappe in mine is not a legend either despite those numbers I posted at the start of the thread. In my latest season he scored 39 in 34 league games, just getting better with age (he’s 33 now).
  4. As per the title, I’m curious to see what your record is for a season (league only). I got an offer to join Barca after 3 seasons and I took it on (boring I know). My first signing was Mbappe. He just scored 45 goals in 38 games. His record is as per below: 1st season - 37 games, 39 goals 2nd season - 37 games, 35 goals 3rd season - 37 games, 35 goals 4th season - 33 games, 35 goals 5th season - 36 games, 20 goals 6th season - 38 games, 25 goals 7th season - 31 games, 27 goals 8th season - 38 games, 45 goals
  5. Hey mate, thanks for explaining it makes a lot more sense to me now. I agree 2 isn’t a bad outcome all things considered. I haven’t paid too much attention to those emails when I’ve received them to be honest but I will now. However, one thing I had noticed about them (unless this was a seperate email...) is that mine includes guys like Sessegnon (joined from Fulham) and Bellingham (who I signed), should these guys not be showing up for Fulham/Southampton seeing as though technically they were the clubs that produced them?
  6. Hey mate, yeah I’ve surpassed both Arsenal and Chelsea. Won 2 of the last 3 CLs. In fairness I have had 1 or 2 players that I’ve developed into the first team squad even when I had the message “don’t expect much from this intake”, so perhaps it is just that the wording needs to be reconsidered. I’ve got one CM who had 4.5 star potential and will be a star, then I have a RB who didn’t look particularly good but as I was short on RBs I promoted him to the first team squad and he has developed himself into a handy player. i guess 2 squad players from the youth academy in 6 seasons is actually not too bad and reasonably realistic.
  7. I think that in a year whereby Euros or World Cup is around the corner, if a player isn’t playing regularly by say January and are on the periphery of the squad that they should go to their manager to request a loan or transfer move to help increase their chances of a call up. I’d also like this option to be available for me if I’m coaching a national team, to be able to chat to a player and say they should seek a transfer / loan or will need to play more in order to be considered for selection.
  8. I’m into my 6th season now at Tottenham and I haven’t once had a youth intake preview that wasn’t deemed to be a poor one. I’m always receiving feedback saying “don’t expect much from this intake”. This is despite having “superb youth facilities” and “exceptional youth recruitment”. Is there something I’m missing here or am I just really unlucky? Anything else I can do?
  9. I'm happy with the standard 5 leagues, but would like to watch the game in 3D. I'd also use it for general internet browsing, Microsoft.
  10. Hey mate, do you know how well this works? I'm looking at getting a laptop to play it on.
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