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  1. Defensive players don't know where attacking players are unless they're on the ball... I can't believe this isn't spoken about more. Once you notice this it's impossible to take seriously. From what I can see, a player being on the ball seems to activate two members of the opposition to press the ball-carrier as hard as you dictate. The rest of the players appeal to just reset to their default position. Problem is, if there's a good stood in space (say behind the wing back) then no defender will move towards him to cover the space until the pass has been made, by which time it's too late. I know the match engine is what it is, but the game is impossible to enjoy when you see defensive problems and the cause is an unsolvable game-mechanic.
  2. Still can't get over setting every passing setting to the shortest possible option only to spend the entire game watching your back four launching sixty yard long balls and ignoring better options short.
  3. I just still can't get over the problem that defenders don't have any idea where opposition players are unless they're on the ball. Once you notice this you can't unsee it.
  4. So I've fired back the game up for the first time since giving up on the match engine before Christmas. IMO, it's certainly less terrible but I'm still unconvinced it isn't still just really bad. One thing I don't think I see people mention is how teams defend in the match engine. I.e. defensive players only seem to know where an attacking player is if he's on the ball. It makes pressing incredibly unrealistic (at the max press you end up with multiple players crowding the ball carrier not, as should be the case, cutting off the passing lanes). In your final third this is even worse - defenders are slow to react to situations, in my view, because they don't seem to know where a player is until the ME decides that player is about to receive the ball. I think it's at both ends of the pitch (although it's *a lot more annoying if your team happens to be defending) - but it's one of the contributory factors as to why the ME often plays out so poorly. - My other feedback is similar to the rest. Some bits have certainly improved - there's fewer long balls, 1v1s have gone in, sometimes in my experience. But it still feels like the same old FM nonsense of this game and last, namely: - Banging long goals - User teams consistently dominating the number of shots with no correlation in the goal-scoring charts. - Certain types of attack being far more common/wide players poor decision making and, most of all - I feel like the minutiae of the tactics have no effect on the overall team. Granted, I was doing a lower league team here, but you tell them to pass as short as possible and they're still overlooking simple passes just to absolutely belt the ball up the field. - The engine for this game feels very similar to 2019 in the sense that you feel like the MO of the match engine is to create a result regardless of what's actually being put-in tactically. Like - I feel like in FM, as a true sandbox, it should actually be capable to create tactics that cause weird things to happen. I should be able to create an ultra short passing tactic that doesn't go anywhere, I should be able to create a tactic that just lobs a ball up to the target man every time the defender gets the ball. Yet the approach for realism seems to end up with a ME that only vaguely listens to inputted instructions. A player instruction like "short passing" should see them mostly play short, controlled passes yet the ME seems to override this and have them playing a mix of passes - but if that's the case, what's the point of the longer passing options? If anything, my complaint with the ME in part is that I can't break it. I can't come up with gegenpressing systems that absolutely sapp the energy of my players, or a tactic that tells a player to shoot from literally anywhere in the oppositions half. I feel like even if you could hack the tactics creator and max out some of these options they'd go into the ME and just get... diluted into an attempt at realism. In my view, as odd as this sounds, I feel like this is a big issue.
  5. (Random observation - sample size of ten games or so with a pretty ropey Vanarama South team) Anyone else seeing quite low match ratings for defensive players? Might just be a bad run but seeing lots of defenders scoring 6.2 and below quite a bit. Don't recall that last year at all. (Could just be my specific save)
  6. Seeing a bit more of the match engine, starting to notice the small things that I'm really enjoying (it *may* have coincided with my team's form picking up too!) Players seem to have more options going forward now. On 19 it felt like the options seemed to be either shoot, cross or just run straight into the defender. They seem more inclined to take defenders on now, or go for a simple pass. Not seeing the same improvements defensively thus far, and I'm still seeing goals fall into a few too many silos (particularly goals I'm conceeding - seem to either be set pieces or shots from outside the box a quite high amount of the time) . But impressed with how much more... intricate going forward seems to be.
  7. Mine slotted straight in from FM19, just move it to the 2020 folder and it should work fine once you reload the skin.
  8. I've seen a lot of long shot goals (as there were in FM19) - but from the sample I've played goals seem to fairly neatly divide into either: (1) Long range, (2) set piece or (3) screw-up. Just lost 3-2, conceeded two set piece goals and one goal in injury time due to a screw-up.
  9. (Small sample size) Seem to be conceding a lot from set pieces again. Anyone else seeing this?
  10. I'm in National League North, so not very high! Could be that, to be fair, just wondered if it was something others had noticed...
  11. Not really a "moan" as such, because it's not really a bug - but has anyone noticed that when defending deep, players don't really pick up opposition players until they either have the ball or are about to receive it? Am I doing something wrong tactically, generally speaking? I don't really want to mark players super tightly, just more I want a full back moving in the general direction of their winger before the pass is made, not at the point he receives it.
  12. Noticed this last year - not sure I saw it enough but wondered whether this should be considered a bug? Player gets injured, then stops playing due to injury, then gets annoyed because he's not starting. In my new public beta game for FM20, I've been in charge for two games, and a player was getting annoyed at not starting (red injury) then asked to speak to me after the second game (orange injury) saying he was unhappy about his lack of starts. Whole squad got annoyed with how I dealt with the conversation too.
  13. First game in (public beta) and I'm 2-1 down thanks to a 30-yard screamer and a goal from a set piece. Have they just reloaded the 2019 engine?
  14. I'm on the fence about buying the new game, so feedback on the ME would be greatly appreciated. Less about the obvious stuff (although Long Shots and 1v1s are important) just more... do you feel more in control of what your players are doing? That was a big crux for me at times with 19.
  15. Is there any sign on FM20 that when pressing players press passing options at all, or is it still just the guy on the ball?
  16. Random question, people always talk about in FM19 how Gegenpress is overpowered, but has anyone really been able to work out why? Because, if you watch the game in any real kind of depth... it's *isn't* gegenpressing, at all... players press with intensity but only ever on the ball carrier.
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