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  1. any1 got premier league with teams form all the UK nations?
  2. Seems like the best recruits want a real contract now no matter the level with bs wage demands. I simply gave them a youth contract with the editor.
  3. hey looking for GERMAN database. Last year some german forum made a big database but I cant find that forum anymore
  4. Oliver Jürgens has faulty club history and lackluster PA. Last year he played for Hellas Under 17(not shown in his history), became the top scorer and was loaned out to Roma Under 17 where he scored 4 in 4 before season ended. This led to Inter Milan buying him for Verona. I know Estonia sucks at football but this guy is gonna go far. His PA is a joke :))))))
  5. Aleksandr Sapovalov is not added to SC Freiburg. A prospect who was chased by top English clubs for years before he turned 16 and had a change to move abroad. At the end he chose SC Freiburg over Arsenal because its easier to reach top level football in Germany. He didint score much this season but neither did his teammates. Please add him and dont do us dirty with a terrible PA, we dont have good players in Estonia but this guy has it to become one. Thx
  6. Is it possible to copy league formats/rules to another league? For example using Priemer League league format/rules in Prva liga
  7. Looking for database with all levels(and teams in the right league) and all real rules
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