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  1. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/susana-ferreras-56683b4b still is so in LinkedIn
  2. @Sangue Blu is it possible to change the Jupiler league (Belgium) to 18 teams? tried to fix it on your 8 div modif, but without succes to do so no drop this season, OH Leuven & Beerschot have been added to the Jupiler Leage Proximus league consist of added teams : Club Brugge NXT (u23 squad), can't be promoted Deinze RWD Molenbeek Lierse Kempenzonen Seraing Virton, Roeselare were relegated; Lokeren seased to excist (new team combined with Temse)
  3. possible to add Susana Ferreras to the Arsenal staff? regarded as top data scientist. https://www.nacsport.com/blog/en-us/News/7-women-blazing-the-trail-for-aspiring-female-analysts-and-performing-at-the-highest-level
  4. as in real life - most of them are under contract to bigger teams - it would be nice to see some of the following staff appearing in the game : representent to the press. in general the person who moderates interviews, gives shorts club notes, and who follows the club's visabitlity in all media team responsible. person who is responsible for the substitutions, paperwork for the squad (work permits), pasports to go to non European countries. Often a person who knows what is going on in the team. (feedback) sports psychologist (obvious) nutritionist player's agents (is in the game, some of them are former players, but not yet mentioned as agents) + agencies (some of them work together as 1 firm) analists : some former player's give comments on tv, in papers.... but aren't journalists. would be nice to have them mentioned as analistst.
  5. Sherjil MacDonald & Roel van Hemert are transferred to ASV Geel. Used to be in the database, would be nice to have them added again
  6. some staff, in general listed as scout, should be player's agent (source Transfermarket) Gunther Thiebaut (3200083) Didier Frenay (3502024) Soren Lerby (27002759) Daniel Van Buyten (3201152) Tom De Mul (537831) Jacques Lichtenstein (527454) Guy Vandersmissen (11655) Nico Vaesen (3838) Wilja Vloet (850972) Lars Knipping (18017500) Axel Vergeylen (3200325) Thorbjorn de Brul (8165611) Alain de Nil (5127) Axel Lawaree (13493) Mogi Bayat (8156040) Dudu Dahan (7861148) Tonci Martic (?)
  7. player 3840 is Harold MeysseN, not Harold Meysses.
  8. some important missing staff as wel, as Kris Van Crombrugge (doc 1st team, who is highly respected), and several video analists & physiotherapists
  9. Sabri Hmouda, Kevin Eyeson, Thomas Weydisch play for RC Mechelen They already have a file in previous versions rc mechelen
  10. Possibillity to add 'real' media spokesmen/women, tho in real life are often known. They act as spokesman, or as moderator at press conferences. Also the person in contact with journalists, and who follos the 'media'. For RSC Anderlecht for instance, David Steegen is the press officer. Addition of the team responsible. Isn't a coach, but the person who takes care of paperwork, passports, permits, supspensions... In general also the person who is close to the players. Would be a usefull and realistic addition. In the example of RSC Anderlecht; Tom Colpaert (already in the gam) is the team responisble 1 squad, Tine Geeraerdyn for the u21 squad.
  11. Jan Koller (id 8967) is coach for the national -21. PLease add him as a staff member, as he was a great player https://repre.fotbal.cz/jan-koller-role-patrona-me-naplnuje/a9055
  12. National youth teams staff has been overhauled. LOt of movement there Belgian FA
  13. seems strange, as other new players have been added since the winter update Arnstad is 3rd of september, Bellante even april...
  14. pity that there are hardly youth players added. As for Anderlecht : Arnstad & Bellante are 16 (°2003) Lavia, Debast, Mbangula, Vanhoutte, Lantaki, Herssens are all 16. Birthday in the beginning of january... Arne Engels (Brugge) is 16 (born sept 2003)...
  15. Jason Neu (id 18090248 ) is playing for Mandel Utd, joining Torhout in 20-21. was in the DB 2016. Position is am / amr please 'revive' this one
  16. Morgan Ato - id 43407361 is playing @ Verbroedering Geel. Currently not visible in the game
  17. New structure of RSC Anderlecht new board members : CEO Karel Van Eetvelt Philippe Close Patrick Lefevere Matthijs Keersebilck (was already there, but not in the game) Johan Beerlandt (was already there, but not in the game) Michael Verschueren is only chief sports Tim Vollon is fysiotherapist for u21 squad, was in the game until f2018. PLease 'revive' him. u21 6147d12ecdeebf7a649100586b544f2d.webp
  18. DAVID Meekers is chairman of Sint_truiden (Jupiler League), not Ivan. https://www.stvv.com/nl/club/organisatie
  19. Jore Trompet (id 18032827 ) is a player at Jong Lede. seems to be missing in de 2020 version https://www.transfermarkt.nl/jore-trompet/transfers/spieler/134567
  20. Indyana Van Camp is playing for KFC Kontich van camp
  21. Azubike Oliseh is coach U19 @ FC Dender . Used to be a players in the game
  22. any news on when this will be completely solved? many bugs this year, and quite some annoying ones...
  23. please add Christian Wilhelmsson as a physiotherapist. used to be in the data base as a player) Has his own work out camp in Dubai; helping out players who are out of shape. Helped out Anthony Vanden Borre (Anderlecht) to get back in shape (losing 13kg). Good reputation on the job as well
  24. Seppe Vereecke of HSV Hoek is double in the game
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