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  1. Is anyone else seeing a very front loaded schedule? I'm in 2023 and every single season I've averaging about 13 league games by the end of April. I'm managing Chicago, and in real life they only played 8 games by the end of April 2019. During the beta, my 2019 season had 12 games by the end of April, and 8 of those were in March. I'm not getting any midweek games during July, August, or September.
  2. Yeah, he joins on January 1st, 2020 as a DPI. He's on $520,000 a year. I think he should be on a senior contract that's automatically bought down with GAM when the new year starts.
  3. I'm not sure if this belongs in league specific or in the database thread, but after the 2020 season the board for Chicago Fire decided to build a stadium in Bridgeview IL, when they had just relocated back to Chicago the previous year. In real life, the club is likely to stay at Soldier Field for 5-10 years and then build a new stadium in Chicago. There's no way they would move back to Bridgeview.
  4. Chicago Fire - Álvaro Medrán is not a designated player. He was signed as a TAM player Source: chicago-fire.com/post/2019/10/10/chicago-fire-soccer-club-acquire-former-real-madrid-midfielder-lvaro-medr-n "The Chicago Fire Soccer Club announced today that it has acquired former Real Madrid midfielder Álvaro Medrán ahead of the 2020 season utilizing Targeted Allocation Money (TAM)."
  5. I'm having an issue with GAM salary cap buydowns. In FM19 you were able to buy down a player's entire salary cap impact, this year it's limited.
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