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  1. This is an awesome idea and would save me so much time over the course of a game's life cycle, and probably make me more likely to use different views if it takes just one click to change between them instead of click, move down to a precise target, hover for 2 seconds, move across and down to a precise target, click.
  2. I immediately noticed the much improved regen faces. I didn't even consider myself as someone too bothered by the quality of regen faces, but the noticeable improvement is very nice to see. Thank you!
  3. I had great fun on the beta patch but not the new patch. The amount of set piece goals causes me anger at my team, and every team I play against seems to defend with zeal so my team will have so many shots but not good chances. Our results have dropped because of a change to the game. The tactic was working. Now the team is pathetic at scoring and incompetent at set piece defense. I should want to say no, this save uses one patch only.
  4. Exactly right, I've learned my lesson. Steam may be more expensive, but they've never taken my money and failed to provide the game I paid for. Good luck! If you used Paypal, you can start a dispute due to never having received the product you paid for. That's what I ended up doing. The same is sometimes true of a credit card provider if you paid with a card. I work for a small business and know how damaging chargebacks can be to a company when used in the wrong circumstances, but this seemed quite justified to me.
  5. I strongly recommend anyone outside the UK (and possibly EU) DO NOT buy from shopto.net. They will gladly take your money but won't make the code visible in your account if you aren't in the right country. They also won't tell you that, so you're just waiting for something that will never appear. Their website is so broken that the "help desk" area of the site did not even appear in my account so I could not contact them except by Twitter (or PAID phone support). I just asked them for help finding my code and the responses I got were really disrespectful, implied that I was a burden to this pe
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