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  1. I know that I'm in the future, but have you gotten anywhere with this? Am trying to enable the addition of local regions/nations (and possibly continents) and came across this. Very interesting idea by the way
  2. Posted this somewhere else but this seems like the right place for my inquiry. Tomas Poole from Matlock Town is completely missing from the database, as in he needs to be created from scratch. He played for Staveley MW out of Chesterfield until late November, but he is nowhere to be found there or at Matlock Town. I suppose someone in Derbyshire would have to go watch him play a few times and get his stats down. https://www.matlocktownfc.co.uk/kittrick-brings-poole-to-proctor-cars-stadium.asp He was in the team yesterday as well:
  3. Anyone here know what happened to claassen? Went to check on his European add-on and the thread here has disappeared
  4. @KUBI Will the capped PA problem still persist though? Sidenote: I am also trying to figure this out, if you have any insight.
  5. Hello fellow FMers, I have recently come up with the concept of removing any possible bias from my future saves. That is, that I want to delete every single person (players and non-players) from the game and have it be populated by newgens. Here’s the problem I am finding in the editor (FM19, if it’s relevant, don’t want to play FM20 with the ME issues not resolved): whenever I choose a filter in the people tab (e.g. names containing “a”), it only shows 500 random ones instead of the full result. I have tried even with no filters, and the problem persists. What can I do to efficiently cause a mass extinction of the footballing world?
  6. @duesouth What happens when you try to play against that team? Do they end up fielding a team of 16 year olds if all of the senior players are ineligible?
  7. Cheers, and I completely understand that it's too late now for major DB changes. No worries on that front
  8. In the Kosovo second tier (Liga e Parë) there are two teams that share the same ground in Istok (Stadiumi Demush Mavraj) called Istogu and Onix Banje. In the game, Istogu plays in the nonexistent "Stadiumi i Qytetit Istok", while Onix plays in Demush Mavraj, which the game has located in Prizren. Prizren is 2 hours from Banje (small town 15 minutes from Istok), and the "Stadiumi Demush Mavraj" is definitely in Istok. Istogu and Onix should both be playing there. Also I don't know why but for whatever reason the third tier (Liga e Dytë) has 41 teams in it, when it should only have 16. Here is the league table. It looks like all the teams are there and all the extras with little to no info are most likely in local divisions.
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