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  1. William Edoardo Garcia of Folgore in the Campionato Sammarinese di Calcio is missing from the DB. He came on as a substitute in the Champions League preliminary round semi-final against Prishtina and in the Europa Conference League second qualifying round against Hibernians. Basic details: DOB: 13 May 2002 Nation: Italy Position: AMR (according to Transfermarkt)
  2. I know that I'm in the future, but have you gotten anywhere with this? Am trying to enable the addition of local regions/nations (and possibly continents) and came across this. Very interesting idea by the way
  3. Anyone here know what happened to claassen? Went to check on his European add-on and the thread here has disappeared
  4. @KUBI Will the capped PA problem still persist though? Sidenote: I am also trying to figure this out, if you have any insight.
  5. Hello fellow FMers, I have recently come up with the concept of removing any possible bias from my future saves. That is, that I want to delete every single person (players and non-players) from the game and have it be populated by newgens. Here’s the problem I am finding in the editor (FM19, if it’s relevant, don’t want to play FM20 with the ME issues not resolved): whenever I choose a filter in the people tab (e.g. names containing “a”), it only shows 500 random ones instead of the full result. I have tried even with no filters, and the problem persists. What can I do to efficientl
  6. @duesouth What happens when you try to play against that team? Do they end up fielding a team of 16 year olds if all of the senior players are ineligible?
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