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  1. Do you have a save game you could upload to the FTP so I could take a look please. Also have you used any 3rd party add ons or used the editor or FMRTE? I'm asking because this seems to be a very rare occurrence and any additional info you can give us would be very helpful. There was a similar (also rare) bug to this that was fixed for one of the patches where contract lengths were shorter than first signed however this is obviously a separate issue
  2. If contract talks broke down then it's possible he was a bit peeved off with you. so that is why he is on your worst opinion list Regarding his willingness to re-negotiate a contract so quickly - this changes from person to person. If they are unemployed then they'll probably be more likely to listen to another offer soon after the last break down, likewise if the last negotiations broke down and you weren't a million miles off finalising a deal then the staff member will be more willing to listen to another offer sooner rather than later
  3. Thanks for taking the time to upload the save I've also managed to reproduce this here with the same player, although not with other players where I've offered the same contract. I'll see if a coder can take a look to see why it's happening
  4. If you have a save game before you make the bid for the player I'd be really interested to see it if you could upload it to the FTP
  5. Go here and download the 11.3 (PC Disc) Patch - the top option Once it's downloaded save and exit FM if it is running. Double click on the patch and it should open in a window titled WinZip Self-Extractor - FM2011 v11.3.0 PC Patch.exe, allow this to complete (should take a few seconds) The FM2011 11.3.0 Patch Installer should open. The patcher should automatically find where the game is installed to and select that location. If the location is correct select Update. After the update is complete select Exit and you should be running 11.3
  6. Are you on PC or mac? Are you running the game through STEAM or via the DVD? If you let me know then hopefully I should be able to guide you through the patch installation
  7. When you look in the game status screen what is the version number?
  8. Just tried the same thing here and he refuses the same terms. How much is he on a week with you now?
  9. I've not seen this reported before or seen it myself. If you could take the time to post it in the bugs forum and upload a save game if you have one it would be greatly appreciated http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/201-Transfers-and-Contracts
  10. They will still send you players with for no fee/wage contribution every season, however if you make loan bids for players other than the ones they send to you then then may request a fee
  11. Other people have been saying they still find it quite difficult to get higher rep jobs, it sounds like you've just been lucky
  12. Thanks for letting us know
  13. Yes, the new patch will apply the fixes to your current save game, although you may have to continue to the next transfer window for the changes to take full effect
  14. People have reported that this is now working a lot better for them, perhaps you're just unlucky. I should ban you for saying Scotland are a tiny nation
  15. Could you continue this discussion in the bugs forum please where you've already brought this issue up http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/257644-11.3-update-broke-staff-contract-negotiations